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Everyone has some sort of routine in the morning. Some mornings may be more structured than others. But when you are looking to have a productive day, you need to have a successful morning routine.

Today, we’re going to be talking about 6 different morning routine habits you can add to your morning routine to help you have a more productive day!


To start your successful morning routine off right, you want to make sure you have plenty of time to do it!

This does not mean that you have to wake up at 5 am to have a successful morning, even at 8:30 am or 9:00 am is still early morning!


This may be a personal preference, but I am not a fan of waking up with alarm clocks. I find when I use my own internal clock and wake up on my own that I am in a better mood.

This may not be possible for everyone, but here are some ways you can try this method out for yourself!

  • Leave blinds open slightly when you sleep so you are more likely to wake up with the sun
  • Set a “just in case alarm” for a bit later that you plan to wake up to ensure you don’t oversleep



If you choose to wake up to an alarm, don’t press snooze. Pressing snooze can lead to another 30 minutes in bed, or even worse- falling back to sleep. Plus, there is no way you’ll be getting good sleep by closing your eyes for 10 more minutes.

In the end, you’ll just get up more tired than if you just got up. Trying to get up within 5 minutes of your alarm.


Probably one of the hardest habits to break. As soon as your eyes open it’s time to check emails, respond to texts, and check all social media notifications. (guilty as charged!)

When you’re trying to have a successful morning routine, social media can be your worst enemy. Don’t fall down the social media rabbit hole. Try to avoid social media first thing in the morning.


Studies show that making your bed can actually make you more productive! Even though it is something small, making your bed will clean up your environment a bit which promotes productivity.

It also gives you a small sense of accomplishment right when you first wake up, even if it’s a small one!


When you work from home, or even if you’re part time and have the day off from work, it can be tempting to stay in PJ’s.

But you really want to change your clothes when you wake up. Even if it is something equally as comfy, this sends a signal to your brain that time for sleep is over and it’s time to start the day!


You don’t have to go super overboard for breakfast, but your might want to eat something better than the cold pizza from the night before.

Eating breakfast has been proven to make you less hungry throughout the day and more productive and focused as well! If you want to have a successful morning routine, you want to be eating the more important meal of the day!


I want to bring this point back. Even though you are out of bed, try to avoid watching TV or staying on social media too long.

I find my productivity dwindles when consuming other content before creating things for my blog. It can be so easy to say “just one more episode”.

Instead, maybe listen to something inspirational, like a podcast, or music to get you pumped up!


This doesn’t mean you have to go out and do a 5k run before sitting down to work. But getting your body up and moving before sitting down all day at your computer can help you have a more productive day! 

You can try;

  • Meditating
  • Yoga
  • A short walk or light jog


Journaling first thing in the morning can lead to being more creative and starting your day with a clear mind.

You can journal about anything!

These are a few of the journals I really love to write in:


Make a point to write down your goals every morning. Studies show you are 1.4x are more likely to hit goals that you write down on a regular basis!

And write them as if you’ve already achieved them!


“Make $2,000 this month”


“I made $2,000 this month”

This is the principal around the law of attraction and manifesting your future into reality!


Once goals have been written down, make sure to prioritize and plan out your day.

I like to use a physical planner, track of not only my to-do list for today but my goals for the week and the month!

If you prefer, you could plan out your day before you go to bed so you are ready to go the next morning, and then finalize it before you actually get to work!


There are many methods for how you can structure your day such as;

You work in 25-minute sessions with 5 minutes of breaks, and one 30 minute break.

Choose 6 things to do for the day and work through each of them. No more than 6. Any unfinished tasks get put on the top of tomorrow’s to-do list.

  • Time blocking

Blocking your day in sections of how long you want to work on each of your tasks.

Doing similar tasks in one “batch” (all at once) to get more done and avoid switching from task to task randomly.


No matter how you plan your day or what routine you have in the morning, all that really matters is that you are productive!

What works for someone’s morning routine may not work for you. It’s all about experimenting and seeing what you like. Eventually, over time, you will find the best way to have a successful morning routine for you!

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  1. Currently since the Pandemic started I have been trying to work out most mornings. It’s helped me so much. I feel more clear minded and focused though out the day. I still though need to work on eating breakfast.

    1. I’ve been trying to work out more as well! I really love doing yoga, it has helped me so much!

  2. These tips are amazing and just what I needed to read today. I am finally getting out of my down and out depression and ready to face things head on. That means exercise and avoiding technology in the morning. I definitely am going to begin a better work schedule focus for myself that happens after a good morning routine like you mentioned. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. That’s awesome! I hope it works out for you! 🙂

  3. Ignoring the screen time is a big one – and a great one!

    1. Thanks! And I agree, it’s huge!

  4. Love this! I’ve been working on finding the best morning routine for me. It’s still taking some time to figure out, but I’m slowly developing better morning habits.

    I pick up my phone and lay in bed scrolling first thing in the morning, which is a habit I’d like to break!

    1. I’m pretty bad at being on my phone in the morning too!

  5. Planning out my day really helps me.

    1. I agree, it’s super helpful!

  6. I try to incorporate all of these tips in my day but somehow get sidetracked sometimes. Thank you for these wonderful reminders. I found the methods to plan a day very helpful😊

    1. Getting side-tracked is super easy! We all do it sometimes!

  7. I love this, I’m naturally an early bird but not that great at crafting a good and productive morning routine. I think my problem is exercise, whenever I do it in the morning I love it but at the same time it’s hard for me to stay consistent. I’ve recently discovered the Pomodor technique though and love it! It makes me feel super productive when I use it throughout my day. Great post!

    1. Thanks! I love the Pomodoro Technique as well! Super helpful!

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