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Welcome to the blog!! I’m so happy you’re here!

My passion is to help you take back the life you love! I want to help you find the joy in your life and help you discover your passion!

So, you’ll find blog posts about personal development, mindset, productivity and anything else you’ll need to survive womanhood in your 20’s!

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Blog Kickstarter Coaching

Just started your blog and feeling overwhelmed? I get it! This package is a 45-minute Zoom call with me where we'll go over what next steps you need to take in your business to get your blog up and running and you feeling like a confident, badass woman!

Shine with Sarah Blog Audit & Coaching

If you have a blog started already and you're struggling to see why it's not growing, that can be super frustrating! This package is not only a 45-minute Zoom call but a full blog audit as well!

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60 Pretty Pinterest Templates

Raise your engagement with these 60 Pin templates! Perfect for any content creator who is trying to utilize Pinterest to drive traffic to their blog, website, Etsy shop, YouTube channel, and more!

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95 Journal Prompts for Mental Health

These thought-provoking journal prompts are perfect for someone who has just picked up journaling, or anyone who is looking to ask themselves deeper questions to get to know yourself better!

Take back the life you love!

Hey there !!!

I'm Sarah Marie

I’m a blogger and a YouTuber in my 20’s who has a passion for writing and creating content. I want to help women who feel like they are behind in life not feel so alone. So I write about personal development, mindset and productivity to connect with women who may feel like they are behind in life, stuck at a dead-end job or just don’t know where to go next!

If that sounds like you, then you’ve made it to the right place! And, we’d probably be best friends!

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