About Me, Sarah Marie!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm so glad you're here! I'm Sarah Marie and I'm a content creator in my 20's.

My goal for this blog is to help you live out your dream life by making money online. Being able to work from home is a dream for so many, including myself.

But life is about more than just making money! So on top of teaching you to blog, I also talk about other lifestyle topics as well!

My goal is to help you walk away from my content feeling inspired to create, and build the confidence to go after your wildest dream

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About the girl behind the blog…

In case you want to know more about me…

I started my first real blog back in 2017, but I’ve been dabbling in writing and creating content online for over 10 years. It’s crazy to think I got started online, in my childhood bedroom, once I learned that people made money online!

I tried EVERYTHING! YouTube, blogging, Etsy, Vocal, Medium, Wattpad… if there was a was a way to be creative online- I’ve tried it.

But I didn’t get serious about blogging until 2017, and then again in 2019 when Business Women Thrive was born. Which, a year later, turned into Sarah Marie Blog.

So… yeah. To say I like to make changes in my business, that would be an understatement!

And you may relate to this. Wanting to make money online and doing anything and everything you can think of. But you also may not be seeing results!

I was there, I understand.

But, I’m happy to report, that it can get better! Because now, I am making more money than I ever dreamed of making online.

And it’s all thanks to those silly little YouTube channels and all the failed blogs I’ve had before finding my calling here -teaching people just like you- to avoid all the mistake I’ve made!

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