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I help badass women get over the fear of growing their blogs, removing any mindset blocks that are in the way, and cutting through the noise of online marketing strategies to help you find what works best for YOU!

I understand just how frustrating it can be to work super hard on your blog and not seem to be able to get anywhere.

I was a struggling blogger for years before I finally found a niche that worked for me.

So now, I want to help you do the same! This is a summary of all the blogging services I have to offer. I hope you’ll find something for you!

I can’t wait to work together!

Here's the thing...

Starting a blog is the easy part. Anybody can write a blog post, put out a few social media posts, and hope for the best. But there is more to it than that.

You need to have a deep-rooted why and a belief in yourself that is unshakable. You need a belief strong enough to withstand the hard days when the views aren’t coming in, and the profit isn’t there at the end of yet another month.

When you can push through those hard seasons of business (because they are just a season- not the whole show!) when you find your voice and the strategies that work best for you, that is when you’ll come out the other side as a successful blogger!

And I can help you work through all the blocks, hardships, limiting beliefs, and the million confusing strategies you’ve been learning about to help you reach clarity on your blog faster.

Blogging should be fun. It’s work, but at the core of it, blogging should be fun!

So let’s work together, shall we?!

Services I have to offer...

Blog Audit- $75

This service is perfect for anyone who has just started a blog and wants a bit of guidance to make sure they’re going in the right direction or someone who has been blogging for a bit and doesn’t understand why they aren’t growing!

I’ll give your blog a thorough look, check out your blog posts, and your SEO, give advice on homepage design, layout, do a speed test for your blog, and more!

You will walk away from this service confident in the direction you need to go with your blog!

The service is $75, with a quick turnaround time, and can be booked by emailing me at!

Blog Theme Installations- $75

Or maybe you’re feeling a bit lost when it comes to setting up your blog and installing your theme- I totally get that!

Coding and installing a theme can seem like a 2nd language if you’ve never done it before! (It took me 12 hours to install a theme once thanks to an error!)

So if you’d rather just say for-get that, let me do it for you! I’ve installed all of my own themes and have experience with Elementor Pro to help you create and design a blog you’ll love!

It’s important to be proud of your blog and have a theme you love. That’s one of the things that will have people coming back for more!

Don’t have a blog set up yet? If you use my Siteground hosting link, I’ll give you a 50% discount! $35 set up instead of $75.

Don’t have a theme purchased yet either? I’ve got something for you too! If you purchase through my Creative Market link, I’ll give you another $5 discount! $30 instead of the original $75.

NOTE: Neither is required for purchase. You can do both, one of them or neither! But you must show proof of purchase for the discounts.

Turnaround time is quick but varies depending on theme installation. Email me at to book or with questions!

P.S: Want to schedule a call with me beforehand to discuss your blog? 30-minute calls are available for purchase upon request!

Pinterest Account Audit- $65

This service is for anyone who is struggling with Pinterest and can’t seem to get their account to grow! Or anyone who needs help with strategy.

If you’re new to Pinterest and need someone to look over your account, and tell you exactly what you need to do, give you a strategy moving forward and help get your account on the right track- this is for you!

The service is $65, with a quick turnaround time. More info can be found at this page right here!

Questions about my services?

If you have any questions about the packages, feel free to email me at with the subject line Blog Audit or Theme installation, whichever one you are looking at purchasing! I’d love to answer any questions you have!

I am so excited to get the chance to work with you!!

Looking for a little bit more?

If any of the above services don’t quite fit what you need, I have a few more! I also offer one-on-one coaching sessions over Zoom!

You can find out a bit about each service below briefly, or click through to learn more about the individual services offered!

Shine With Sarah

With this service, you’ll be getting a customized blog audit and a 45-minute one-on-one coaching session with me!

I’ll look over your entire blog, top to bottom, give you advice on what you may need to improve, what you’re doing right, and make sure your blog is ready to attract readers and make money!

During our Zoom session, we’ll work on the most important part of the biz- Y-O-U!

We’ll uncover any limiting beliefs you may have, things that are holding you back, mindset shifts that need to be made, and make sure we get down to the nitty-gritty of your business- your message, your why, and blog growth strategies that work for you!

Price: $135

Blog Kickstarter Coaching

With this service, you’ll be getting a 45-minute one-on-one coaching session with me over Zoom!

We’ll talk about what it is you need to do to start your blog and get you on the right track. And we’ll blast through any mindsets that need to be shifted.

There are a lot of strategies out there and things you can do to grow quicker, and we’ll make sure to go through all of that.

But the main focus is going to be on the most important part of any blog- Y-O-U

Price: $120

Interested in working with me?

If you see a package you're interested in signing up for but still have some questions, feel free to email me!

I'll be happy to answer any questions, or chat with you about signing up for any of the packages I have to offer!

I'm excited to work and grow with you!

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