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Looking to grow your Pinterest account? If you’ve been working on Pinterest for a while, and you’re struggling to see results, it can be super frustrating to keep going!

If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, churning out the content week after week and not seeing results. I get it. I’ve been there.

So, sometimes you just need a second set of eyes to see what the problems could be! That’s where I swoop in to save the day.

I offer Pinterest audit services and essentially that means I’ll take a look at your account and help you fix it up! I’ll be able to offer my advice on what will work better for your account, and more!

Pinterest Audit Services- $65

Here’s everything that’s included with a Pinterest audit:

  • Board creation/branding: If you don’t have a lot of boards, or I think there are some popular ones you should add- I’ll give suggestions on what I think should be added! I’ll also create board covers for each of your existing boards (Giving you multiple options to choose your favorite!)
  • Keyword research: I will keyword research your entire account. I’ll update any board names, or board descriptions with keywords to help you rank in search!
  • Keyword research document: I will also keyword research all the blog posts you have, categorize what board each post should be pinned to, and organize everything into a Google Sheets doc that you’ll get to keep! It’s the exact same document I use each week for quick and easy pinning!
  • Account Feedback: Once I take a look at your account, I’ll provide feedback for what I think could be improved, what I see that you’re doing right, and give any other advice on pinning strategies that I think will help your account moving forward!

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