Looking for Pinterest Management services? Pinterest is a great tool for bloggers to use to get more traffic to their site! Pinterest brings the most traffic to my blog, and my favorite part about it is it’s FREE!

However creating pins each week can be draining, especially if you’re not seeing the results that you want! So if you’re tired of making pins for yourself, or you would just rather spend your time doing other things, let me create them for you!

And, if in the end, Pinterest management services are not right for you, I have other services I offer as well, so keep reading!


You know it’s time to hire out pin creation when you’d rather spend your time doing something else. Or if you have the ability to offload some of your work onto someone else. Running a blogging business is hard, and it’s best to save time where you can and get rid of tasks you don’t like doing!

I love Pinterest and I have spent years perfecting a strategy and finding out what works and what doesn’t! I’ve gotten the results, and I’m confident that I can create pins to help you get results too, and save time in the process.

Fresh pins are what is important on Pinterest nowadays. Quality over quantity. This means Pinterest marketing takes a lot more time than it used to. And if you don’t have the time of patience for it, or if you’re just not seeing the results you want. I get it, I really do.

So, let me take over for you!

If you’d like to request services, feel free to email me to book your slot at sarah@sarahmarie.blog. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Pinterest management not right for you? Check out my pin audit service here!



I am currently booking 3 clients each month. Feel free to email me at sarah@sarahmarie.blog to get the most up-to-date availabilities I have!

I want my services to be available to anyone, on any budget. That’s why my services are 100% customizable so you can create your own package to best fit your budget and needs!

Pinterest Management- $120

This is the flat rate price that doesn’t change. Simply for all the things that come with managing a successful Pinterest account, stats analysis to make sure your account is growing, scheduling pins, writing descriptions, etc…

Keyword Research and Account Setup- Price Varies

When I take on your Pinterest account, I also go through your boards and keyword research them and set up a keyword research doc that you’ll get to keep once services are over.

I’ll gather up all your blog posts, keyword research them on Pinterest to make sure I can write SEO-rich descriptions, and decide what boards each are best to be pinned to.

This doc will also list out all the boards that have been keyword researched, and the descriptions.

Because this setup only needs to happen once, this only applies to the first month of services and won’t be added to the second month, if you choose to continue.

Prices vary based on how much work needs to be done (An account with 10 boards doesn’t need to be charged the same as an account with 40!) and will be discussed prior to booking.

Per pin- $0.85 Cents a pin

Each pin is $0.85 cents to create, so you can choose how many you’d like me to create a month to fit your budget!

My most popular requests are for 3-5 pins each day. Examples of those packages would be:

  • For 2 pins a day: $171 ($51 for 2 pins, $120 for management)
  • For 3 pins a day: $197 ($77 for 3 pins. $120 for management)
  • For 4 pins a day: $222 ($102 for 4 pins, $120 for management)
  • For 5 pins a day: $248 ($128 for 5 pins, $120 for management)

(These prices are based on a 30-day month)


To book your service, email me at sarah@sarahmarie.blog! We can discuss what you need, and I’ll answer any questions you might have. Then I will send a contract for you to sign and fill out with the information I need to complete your package.

Once the contract is signed and sent back, I will send you an invoice via Paypal on the 1st of the month. Work will begin once the invoice is paid in full. CANCEL AT ANY TIME!

NOTE: Due to the nature of these services, there will be no refunds. Thank you for understanding!


Is Pinterest management not right for you at the moment? Do you still need help with your Pinterest account and you don’t know what to do? I offer other services that you can try out first if Pinterest management just isn’t right for you at the moment!

Check out the other services I offer below, click for more information!

Pinterest Account Audit- $50

I offer Pinterest Audit services where I can check out your account, update what is needed, keyword research your account for future use, and give feedback on what to work on in the future!

If you’d like more information, or to book the service, check out the full breakdown here!

Pinterest Creation Services- Multiple packages (Prices vary)

If you’re tired of making pins for yourself each and every week, or if you’re just not seeing the results you want from Pinterest- I totally get it. So that’s why I am offering a range of packages for pin creation services!

If you’d like more information, or to book the service, check out the full breakdown here!