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Bloggers have a lot of tasks that we need to do. It can be a lot to keep track of! To help you out, I’ve come up with 6 monthly blogging tasks that will grow your blog every month, along with a few ways you can get it all done!


In order to grow your blog, your first monthly blogging task of course is to post on your blog! You want to be consistently creating helpful content on your blog.

Here are a few easy ways to do this;


Planning ahead is the best thing you can do to keep up with consistently posting on your blog. For me, at the end of every month, I sit down and map out my blog vision for the next month.

Specifically, blog posts. I plan out how many times I want to post and begin doing research into what topics I want to talk about.

I plan all of my posts with a content calendar. If you’re not using a content calendar (AKA editorial calendar) to plan out your posts, you need to be! It’s honestly life-changing and the reason that I have a few months of content planned out right now!

If you want to pick up a done-for-you, totally customizable content calendar for blog posts, I have one up in my shop here!


If you have a full-time job or other responsibilities, it can be hard to remain consistent. Life gets in the way.

This is where batch creating your content can come in and help! Batch creating content means grouping similar tasks and doing them all in one sitting.

So for example with blog posts. If I’m batching posts for the month it will look like this;

  • Plan out 4 blog post topics and keyword research
  • Outline all 4 blog posts
  • Write all 4 blog posts
  • Create graphics for all 4 posts
  • Schedule all 4 posts
  • Schedule out the promo for all 4 posts

For those that don’t have a lot of time, this may look like a lot. But here’s the thing. This does not need to be done all in one day!

If you take the week at the end of the month;

  • Monday to plan out the posts
  • Tuesday to outline
  • Wednesday and Thursday to write
  • Friday for graphic creation
  • Saturday to finalize and schedule 
  • Sunday for promotion scheduling

You could have an entire month done in just one week!

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monthly blogging task


It’s a good idea to try and guest post at least once or twice in a month on someone else’s blog. If you’ve never heard of guest posting, essentially it means you post a blog post on someone else’s blog.

Why do you need to guest post?

  • Builds up your blog as an authority
  • To grow your blog through backlinks (good for SEO)
  • To expose your blog to another bloggers audience similar to yours


You always want to be promoting your blog. You put a lot of time and effort into your posts, so it’s important that you get them out into the world!


  • Facebook: 2-3x a day
  • Twitter: 5-10x a day
  • Pinterest: 15-25x a day
  • Instagram: 1x a day

Now I know what you’re thinking- that’s a lot of times to be posting?! How can I do all of that?

First of all, if you are just starting out, you do not want to be posting that many times on all platforms. I don’t even post that often on all those platforms, and I’m a full-time blogger!

It’s recommended that you pick 1-2 platforms to start out promoting on and gain a following there first. Then you can move to other platforms as you grow.

Either way though, if you’re posting the recommended amount of times on any of these platforms, it can still be hard to keep up!

Here are a few tips you can use;


Just like with blog posts, you can batch create social media promo as well! You can sit down once a month or once a week and batch create a bunch of promos to go out.

To make it easier on you, I’ve created a social media content calendar over on my shop, so that you can easily plan posts! Just like for my blog posts, I love having a social media content calendar! I schedule a lot of social media posts a month, so it’s necessary to have them all planned out!


Once you have your posts planned out, now you can schedule them! Facebook has a schedule option for Facebook groups and business pages, so you can schedule directly to Facebook if you’d like.

Twitter also has a scheduling feature, which is super nice. Pinterest has a scheduling feature, but you can only schedule 30 pins up to 2 weeks out, which is not enough! And as far as I know, Instagram does not have a scheduling feature on the app.


If you’re not interested in scheduling right onto the platform, there are a few options that you have.

You can schedule 50 Twitter and Facebook posts and 30 Instagram posts for free!

The downside about Later is it was designed for Instagram. So that means you can’t schedule a text-based tweet, you need a photo. So I use Buffer for any pictureless Tweets.

Downside to Buffer: you can only schedule 10 posts in advance for free


This task has two parts to it, what you need to be doing for your email list, and what you should be doing in your email inbox.


If you don’t have an email list, you should get one! They are an essential part of blogging. An email list, if you don’t know, is when you offer up a freebie (a small course or downloadable) in exchange for someone giving you their email.

This gives you access to sending them emails about new posts on your blog, product launches, products your an affiliate for, sales- whatever you feel like!

For example, this is my freebie opt-in:

Get your Free Pinterest Keyword Tracker!

    We respect your privacy. Unsubscribe at anytime.

    I offer a keyword tracker that helps you manage your Pinterest account!

    If you don’t have an email list yet and are looking to get started, I recommend Convertkit! They now have a free plan you can test out, but I highly recommend getting a paid plan so you can get emails sent out automatically!

    • Create an email opt-in

    If you don’t already have some sort of freebie to give, you should be creating email opt-ins! Start out with one, but you can eventually expand and have multiple opt-in on your blog capturing emails and sending out value!

    • Send out weekly emails

    After that, you also want to be sending out emails at least once a week. Keeping your email list engaged and consistently giving them valuable content helps make it easier to sell to them later!


    Oh, the never-ending inbox. Seems like when you delete two emails, four more appear! Here are a few things to do each month in your inbox

    • Get rid of junk emails

    Not only do you want to clear out your inbox, but it’s even smart to unsubscribe from any emails you never open. If you don’t plan on ever reading the emails, you’re actually doing that person a favor because they pay for every subscription on their list!

    • Respond to important emails

    This really should be a weekly or daily task, but at the very least do this monthly. Go through your inbox and get back to anyone who has sent you an email!


    Tracking blog stats is good for a lot of reasons. You can see what works and what doesn’t, you can track growth, and it can help steer you in the right direction with your blog.

    Here’s what you should be tracking;


    As a blogger working for themselves, taxes are not taken out of what we earn. So, you need to be tracking all of your income to claim during tax time.

    You also need to be tracking expenses. You can claim some of these during tax time. But also because how exactly do you know if you’ve made a profit if you’re unsure about how much you actually spent?


    This is a good way to track growth, see trends and give you a good direction on what topics you should be talking about more in the future


    You obviously want to be tracking your goals to see if you’re hitting them, if your blog is going in the direction you want or growing at the pace you expected. 


    These are just some things you want to think about doing each month. General maintenance that comes with running a blog!


    Plugins and themes can break, and frequently need to be updated. Running an old version of a plugin on your site can lead to potential hackers getting into your site! So make sure to keep things up to date!

    Also, true story. The last theme I had was broken and I have no idea how long it was like this. On desktop, everything worked fine, but on mobile (where most of my traffic comes from) the comments section was broken!

    Since I view my site from desktop, I had no idea! After some research, I found that the owner had sold her entire business! Which meant my theme was slow, and out of date (and therefore broken!)

    So learn from my mistakes and keep your stuff updated!


    As a small blogger, I make sure to respond to every comment. It shows I pay attention to my audience and might invite other people to comment as well! Especially if you’re like me and have your comments held for moderation- you need to be checking to make sure there are none that need to be approved!

    Broken links make for horrible user experience. If they want to click on an affiliate link, and the product has been taken down, or they go to click to read more on a website that now no longer exists!

    Not only is that frustrating, but if it is an affiliate link you could lose a commission! Plus, broken links are bad for SEO.

    You can easily check broken links on your site with this plugin.


    Improving your blog is a bit vague because it can mean a lot of things, here are a few ways to improve your blog!

    • Updating blog posts for SEO
    • Updating images
    • Adding links such as affiliates or inter-linking blog posts
    • Updating blog pages (such as your About me or Start here pages)
    • Improving site speed


    There is a lot of monthly blogging tasks you should be doing, and it can be hard to get it all done! Here are a few ways you can manage your time to make sure you have a productive month!


    There are different ways to you can batch your work, and I do this by themed days.

    As you can see, each day is labeled with its own task. If I have more time to work in that day, I can obviously do more. But nothing else gets done until those do.

    Hopefully these monthly tasks were helpful to you!

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