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Christmas is almost here! That means it’s time to start creating those gift lists and shopping for loved ones!

If you are a Youtuber, or you know someone who is a YouTuber and you have no idea what to get, check out this ultimate gift guide for YouTubers!

I’ve been doing YouTube for a year now, and these are all things that I’ve gotten over the year!

The Ultimate Gift Guide for YouTubers! 4 Gifts to Get

1. A Good Camera

One of the most important things you can buy when looking to level up your videos is a good camera.

I bought this camera for myself and it was a gigantic upgrade from my last one, the quality is insane! I bought the camera and the lens, not just the body. Which you can check out on Amazon here.

-Camera Accessories

If you are going to get a camera, you’re going to need some accessories!

When you first get a camera, you may not realize how many things you’ll need to get with it! Here’s what I recommend.


The next thing on the list should be a good mic. This is even more important than a good camera.

In fact, if you only can afford to get either a camera or a mic, I would choose to upgrade your mic.

People are more forgiving of bad camera quality over bad audio.

If you choose to get the Cannon M50 camera I recommended above, I recommend getting this external mic with it. It fits perfectly on top and the quality of it is amazing!

If you don’t get the camera, there are plenty of other mics on Amazon to choose from that work for a variety of cameras, even if you’re using your smartphone too!

3. A Good Set of Lights

To start, a window is a perfectly good light source to use.

But having a good set of lights is good if you’d like to record on a cloudy day.

Or if you’re like me and need to manipulate the lighting more because you have glasses glare when using natural light, you need a good set of lights!

I have a handful of lights, like this ring light here, but my favorite and newest pair of lights are these right here!

I’ve heard some people don’t like that they can’t change the brightness or the color tone of the lights.

But for me that isn’t a problem! I like that they are no-hassle lights.

Not a lot of settings to mess with, just on and off. It’s a perfect beginner set of lights!

I bought the set of lights, but if you only need one, I believe you can find just one as well!

4. A Standing Tripod & a Handheld Tripod

The first tripod I ever bought was this one right here. It is a pretty inexpensive one, but it is perfect to start out with!

This tripod is very flexible in height, it is able to get taller than I, a 5′ 10″ woman, can even see over! And it’s able to be size down fairly small as well. Perfect for any scenario you might need.

The one thing I don’t like about this tripod is the camera can only be set straight up.

If you need to angle it downwards towards your desk, this tripod doesn’t have that option. Which is something to think about if you want to record from an angle!

  • Handheld Tripod

If you are looking for a smaller handheld tripod, this is the best one I’ve found.

This tripod is perfect for desk shots, or if you plan to walk around and hold your camera for vlogging.

I have noticed that the knob on mine to reposition the camera is very stiff, but I’ve also watched another YouTuber use the same tripod with no trouble, so it may just be that mine is a bit harder to use!

I hope you got something out of this ultimate gift guide for YouTubers!

Having good camera equipment will make the job of recording videos so much easier, so you want to make sure you get good-quality stuff!

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