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Happy October! The month of October has gotten everyone thinking about Fall weather and pumpkin patches. It also means that my birthday has just passed.

And as a blogger and a YouTuber, I always tend to ask for less traditional birthday gifts than you may expect from someone in their 20’s.

I’m talking tripods, camera gear, personal development books, and more!

So, if you are a blogger looking to add some things to your gift list, or you know someone who is a blogger and you need some gift ideas, this post is for you!

I have rounded up some of the gifts I have gotten over the years, along with some things that were on my birthday wish list this year!

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Bloggers!

1. A Good Camera

Since I am a YouTuber as well, I use this camera for mostly recording videos.

However, many bloggers also need to get a good camera for taking pictures as well! So I’ve listed the Canon M50, which is a fantastic and highly recommended camera.

I bought this camera for myself and it was a gigantic upgrade from my last one, the quality is insane!

I bought the camera and the lens, not just the body. Which you can check out on Amazon here.

And, if you’re getting a camera, here are a few accessories I recommend as well!

  • External mic 

This is only really good if you want to do videos. But I wanted to leave the recommendation here anyway because I know a lot of bloggers also do YouTube as well!

2. External Hard Drive

This is a great buy for bloggers who are running out of space on their computers, or if they just like to have a backup copy of work.

If something were to happen to their computer and they lost all their work, that would be such a headache and really a heartbreaking thing to happen.

This is why these external hard drives are so good! You can have everything backed up so if something we’re to happen, you wouldn’t be losing all of your stuff!

Looking for more gift ideas? Check out this post here!

3. Blogging Education Courses

Blogging courses are one of the big reasons I was able to quit my job and go full-time.

I’ve taken a lot of courses over the years.

Some great, some useless, some expensive, and some affordable. Here are the best ones I’ve taken over the year that I always recommend!

  • Pinterest With Ell

This is one of the first Pinterest courses I’ve taken, and it’s really helped me out! She has updated the course multiple times over the years as Pinterest goes through its changes.

I’ve been through the course with each update and have always learned something new!

If you’re struggling to grow your Pinterest account, this is the course for you. Check Pinterest with Ell out here.

  • Mastering Sales With Ell

This course is a great course if you are new to trying to make money blogging.

I really struggled to make money before buying this course. She teaches about affiliate marketing, getting clients, selling products, and more! Check out Mastering Sales with Ell here!

If courses aren’t your thing, another great buy is books! I’ve bought a few over the years that were really great to help me with mindset and growing my business!

The best part about these books is, you can also check them out on Audible!

You can get one of these books free when you start a free Audible trial! Check out Audible here.

4. Planners & Office Supplies

There’s is nothing like a good planner to help you get organized!

I prefer to get physical planners because I like to have my to-do list easily accessible and in front of me!

My favorite planners are Cambridge planners! Check out a few of my favorite planners here!

You could also get digital planners as well. I created a few in my Etsy shop here:

5. Custom Mugs

I know, this one may seem like a weird one. But it is seriously one of my favorite gifts I have gotten!

I’m big on trying to save the environment and drinking more water. But, that comes with the price of using a lot of plastic. So, I went with this option instead!

I choose this cup specifically because it matches my brand and my vibe. And on top of that, I got to support a small business!

What’s great about this shop is, this Etsy seller does custom orders and I was so happy to unwrap this as a gift!

She also does other color cups, so make sure you check out her shop!

6. Pinterest Templates

Moving back to the blogger tools for a minute, Pinterest templates can be another great gift to get bloggers!

I create so many pins in a week, and It can honestly get super boring!

So, pin templates will help you come up with fresh designs, and the best part is, they are usually really cheap!

I offer a Pin template pack here, and I’m always adding more so make sure to check to see what I have made!

7. Desk Accessories

And last but not least we have the desk accessories!

I love the ability to have a home office and being able to decorate it however I want!

I’ve actually already written a post on this topic, so you can check it out here if you’d like!

Or check out these related posts! I hope you found something to either add to your wishlist or found something you’ll buy yourself!

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  1. I love the idea of a gift guide for bloggers, as I often struggle with on-point gifts. Things like planners, desk organizers, and even custom mugs are delightful and useful ideas. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I hope you are able to find some ideas for other bloggers, or even yourself! 🙂

  2. I’m still getting used to Canva, so it’s fun to play around with the different features that they have!

    1. Canva is my favorite tool as a blogger! It’s something I use every single day!

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