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Manifestation. You may have heard of this before.

But you may be asking a few questions about it like what is manifestation? Can I use manifestation in my own life? And does it really work?

If you find yourself thinking this is a bunch of “woo woo magic stuff” or if you’re interested in trying it out yourself, this is going to answer all your questions about the wonderful world of manifesting!

What is manifestation?

First, let’s start out by talking about what manifestation is.

Manifesting is when you make something happen or bring something into your life by believing you can have it.

You’re attracting things into your life at all times, whether you’re conscious of it or not.

Doesn’t it seem like when things are going wrong in the day that everything just starts to go wrong?

Your phone died so you woke up late to work. Then your dog chewed on one of your nice heels so you have to wear sneakers. Only to find out that you need gas on the way to work and your boss yells at you for being late.

This is partly because when something goes wrong, it puts us in a bad mood.

Then, we begin attracting bad energy into our day causing more bad to follow us.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, when we’re happy, everything seems to be going right!

It’s the balance of the universe- you can’t have the good without the bad.

What is Manifestation + How to Use it to Your Advantage?

How manifesting DOESN’T work

So, at this point, you’re probably thinking. “So to have good in my life all I need is to be happy?”

And, sadly, the answer is no. That is not how manifestation works.

No matter what you do, you will have your bad days. Things will still go wrong.

You may want someone or something to happen so bad and no amount of manifesting will make it come true.

That is NOT what manifesting is about.

Sometimes we can’t have things that we really want. But there is a good reason for it.

You likely won’t wake up with 1 million dollars tomorrow.

The man of your dreams that you’ve never met is not likely going to knock on your door tomorrow with flowers, chocolate, and a wedding ring.

You just have you put your trust into the universe, God, or whatever higher power you believe in that you are right where you are supposed to be.

And that you will get where you’re supposed to go.

If you are manifesting a goal, you can’t just sit around and wait for it to happen.

That is a huge misconception with manifesting and one of the main reasons people don’t like it, or believe in it.

How to manifest what you want into your life

There are so many different techniques for how to manifest, so I want to encourage you to explore a bunch of different options!

I’m going to share my personal experiences with manifestation and what has worked for me in the past, but if they don’t work for you, don’t worry! There is plenty of other techniques.

I’d also encourage you not to give up too soon. Manifestations don’t always come in the timeline we set for ourselves, or in the way we think they will happen.

So if you are manifesting a new job, and you end up not getting it- that doesn’t mean manifesting doesn’t work!

It means there is something better out there for you.

Trust your timeline, trust the Universe, follow your intuition, and be patient!

1. Know what you want to manifest

There are two ways to go about manifesting, and they will all work for different people.

One way is very specific manifesting, and one is unspecific manifesting.

I used to think that you should have all the little details figured out- down to the color of the buttons on your shirt in your daydream- in order to manifest what you want.

But now, I think it’s a bit of a waste of time to be hyper-specific.

Rarely, if ever, do our manifestations come in the exact form we want, in the exact way that we want.

So, being hyper-specific is a bit of a waste of time!

However, it’s still a good idea to know what you want and be specific about it. But stop holding so tightly to the exact outcome you’re looking for.

You want to have goals in mind. You want to know where you want to go, and what you want to manifest.

If you’re extremely unspecific, the Universe can’t bring what you want into your life!

It’s all about balance.

You want to think about what you want in detail- daydream about it, make a vision board, and write about your perfect day in your journal. But don’t be attached to that exact outcome!

2. Don’t be extremely attached to the outcome

Let’s elaborate on this concept a bit more.

One of the reasons manifesting didn’t work for mein the beginning, was because I was so attached to the outcome I couldn’t see another way out.

I was effectively blocking my manifestations from ever coming through, and my own creativity as a result.

My biggest manifestation was to buy a house. It was something my husband and I wanted more than anything.

Yet I wasn’t sure it was something I was ever going to have.

I held tight to my narratives and the stories I told myself that we couldn’t afford it and that I needed to make more money in my business before we could ever have a house.

I even went through over a month-long coaching session with a mindset coach about this very thing! (Which, ironically enough, led me to launch my own blog coaching!)

At the beginning of coaching, I was not sure I’d be able to buy a house.

And by the end of the month, I closed on my first house. As in bought, approved, and was able to get the keys to my brand new house!

I made such massive changes in that month of mindset coaching that it literally altered the reality of my entire life!

And all of it happened so quickly after I let go of the outcome of buying a house- just like that!

So, if you have a goal you can’t stop wanting, the trick to getting it is to stop holding on so tightly to it! Just let it go.

And this is why I say don’t hold tight to the details of a very specific manifestation either. Because our manifestations usually come in very different forms than we think!

Take my house-buying process for example, my husband and I decided to wait a few months after talking to our real estate agent before we started seeing houses in person.

But we kept looking at houses online just to see what was out there.

We came across the house we eventually ended up buying a few times before we settled on seeing it.

And what caused us to get the process moving was one house we really liked. We went to see it the next day and loved it

So, we hustled to get pre-approved for a mortgage over the weekend.

By Monday, we found out the house was under contract (AKA had an offer accepted on it.)

I was devastated.

So, we took that night to chill out and get over losing the house.

By morning, we started looking again. And stumbled upon the house we eventually bought again.

Once we went to see it, we put an offer on it and the rest is history!

My point here is, if I held tight to the outcome of losing the first house, I never would have opened my eyes up to see the house we eventually bought!

And it ended up being a blessing in disguise because, looking back, that first house we lost out on needed too much work and wasn’t right for us.

I also knew two things could happen with the first house we looked at.

We would either get it because it was supposed to be ours, or this was the push we needed to get the process going to find our first house.

it ended up (thankfully) being the push we needed and we ended up right where we were supposed to be! Of course!

Now, fast forward to today, we move in just 8 short days. So it all works out in the end!

And that is the biggest thing to remember when manifesting.

2. Believe you can have your manifestations

Believe you can because it is already yours. signed, the universe. Manifestation quote

The next step in manifesting is beliving you can have it.

When I didn’t believe I could own a house, I didn’t own a house.

As soon as I believed I could own a house, I bought one!

Now I’m not saying your manifestations are going to come into fruition that quickly (although I hope they do!) But believing you can have them is the key to actually getting them.

It can be so difficult when things are going wrong. The money isn’t coming into your business, and the goals you set aren’t taking off as fast as you want, or you lose out don’t he job you really wanted.

But you still need to believe in the things you cannot yet see.

And you also want to jump on any intuition you get and take action. Because this could be the first step to getting your manifestations.

Maybe the job that you wanted ended up not working out, so you decide to go to the coffee shop to cheer up.

And there you find out about a job opportunity that is perfect for you instead. So you decide to go after it, and you land your dream job!

If you never took that chance because you were too sad about the loss of your last job, you’d never get where you are now.

The same goes for my house-buying experience.

Had I stayed upset about not getting the first house we wanted, I never would have looked at any more and may have missed out on the house I did buy!

So just keep going.

3. Live as if your manifestations already came true

Now, you need to live as if your manifestations already came true.

A big part of manifesting is being happy with where you are right now. Even if you aren’t exactly happy and skipping for joy in your tiny, too-expensive one-bedroom apartment… it’s important to be grateful that you have it.

This will help you manifest more. Along with believing you already have your manifestation, even when you don’t.

If you are stuck in the “wanting energy”… AKA “I need to have this house”, “I need a new job”, “I hate my life.” That is not a very high vibe.

And you’re not going to get very far.

The basics of this is everything is a vibration. Money, yourself, your manifestations, and everything you have right now.

For example, money is not the root of all evil, it is neutral. Humans have given it all of it’s meaning.

And it vibrates at a certain frequency. In order to get it, you need to raise your frequency to match that of the money you want to make.

The money you want to make exsists already. It’s all around us, and it’s out here waiting for you. So, all you have to do is attract it to you.

The job you want, the house you want, the man of your dreams… they are all out there vibrating at a certain frequency. Just like you are.

But if you are a very low vibe, “woe is me” frequency, you’ll never find the high-vibe things you are trying to attract.

It’s like trying to tune the radio into a nice love song, but you’re at the wrong frequency so you land on hard rock instead.

Manifesting works the same way.

So, in order to manifest, you need to raise your vibration and act as if your manifestation has already come through.

We don’t manifest things from a low place, and we don’t ever attract something we think we don’t deserve.

So if you think you’ll never get a house, you won’t get one.

If you think you don’t deserve a raise, you won’t get one.

And so on.

But, if you act like you already have it, manifesting things will be easier.

You’ll be happier, and you’ll be able to act from a place of love and excitement instead of doom and gloom.

So, when you get an idea for something (which will be easier to do if you’re happy) then you can act on it and start bringing the manifestation towards you.

Because while the Universe is doing work to line up opportunities for you, you’re the one that has to go after them and do all the hard work. It won’t show up just because you asked for it!

4. Don’t give up

Patience is in fact a virtue and is also a must in these manifestation techniques.

In order to get your manifestation, you need to be patient. These things still will not happen overnight.

And the more frustrated you get, the more negative energy you bring into your world, the longer it is going to take for your manifestations to come into fruition. Just be patient!

Manifesting your dream life is not an easy task at first.

You may feel a bit silly or frustrated, especially when nothing is coming true at first.

But if you stick with it, I know you can master the art of manifestation and soon the entire process will come easier to you!

Happy manifesting!

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  2. First of all I want to start with how lovely your new blog looks! Absolutely stunning layout. This post is great and I am slowly learning the way of manifestation. I am going to be referring back to this post often to keep my thoughts going in the right direction. This is such fantastic advice and I haven’t seen manifestation explained so well before. Appreciate this post a ton!

    1. Thank you so much! I am so glad that this post was helpful for you!

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