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There is a lot that goes into creating a brand online, and it is more than just picking out a few nice colors, choosing some photos, and picking out a theme.

You also have to consider who you are, what parts of yourself you want to show online, and what interests and beliefs you want to include and weave into your brand. One thing about creating a brand, is it’s going to develop over time. This is not something you choose one day and you’re stuck with forever.

Over the years, my brand has drastically changed as I’ve decided to take my business in new directions and opened myself up to new interests. A brand is not a static thing, its something you develop each and every time you put out a piece of content


I think the first part of your blogging brand really starts with what niche you choose, and the demographics of people you want to reach.

Your niche is going to be the overall topic that you talk about, so everything else that you do will revolve around it! Plus, what audience are you trying to reach? What would appeal to them the most?

For example, my blog over the years has changed a lot. It used to be called Business Women Thrive and my mission was to help women start and run successful blogs and businesses. Over the years, I realized I wanted to be more than that online.

I have more passions I want to talk about, so I switched to be more lifestyle with the name you see now, Sarah Marie. My demographic is still the same but my mission statement has developed over time to “Take back the life you love.” That’s what I want to help women do.

Therefore, my blog has a more feminine feel to it. I try to remain professional while still trying to appeal to an audience my age! It’s all about balance.

To narrow down your brand, start by picking a niche and choosing a demographic of people you want to reach. You can narrow your demographic of people based on age, gender, location in the world, or particular interests!


You may or may not have heard of a “blogging voice” before. Some people also call it a “writing voice”. It’s basically just the tone of voice that you write in.

This all ties into the demographic and niche you’ve chosen, along with tying into branding your blog.

Back to my blog as an example, for me I target a younger audience so I tend to write in a more conversational, upbeat style to attract that particular audience and appeal to them.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that older women can’t also read my blog posts and enjoy them, but you get what I mean!

The tone of voice that you write in depends on your own personal style and the other factors mentioned above. If you were going for more of a business type or more informational blog, you might remain in a more professional tone.

I try to balance out the information tone, with a bit of upbeat conversational. I write as I would talk for the most part, which is a good idea.

One thing you don’t want to do is fake your writing voice. Don’t sound like someone you are not. It will show through your writing as uncaring and fake. You want to come up with your own style, but make it true to you. Because as we will discuss later, the biggest part of your brand is Y.O.U!


The next important element in your blogging brand- your blog name. I’ve talked about this more in-depth in another blog post, so I won’t get into too much detail here but your blog name is very important to your brand.

It will be on the front page of everything, your social media, your blog itself, your email list, any products that you create or courses that you release, your URL, and everything else you can think of! Make sure you think hard about what name you’ll be choosing!

Have a blog name in mind? See if it’s available with Siteground my recommended hosting company!


A lot of people debate whether or not you should have a logo for your business. Logos can go in a lot of places;

  • Social media profile pictures/ headers
  • Headers on your blog
  • On your pins or social media posts

With a lot of blogs nowadays, most people tend to use their picture as their logo and, personally, I’ve done both. The last blog that I had, I only used a logo. This time around I have a logo created, but I use a picture of me for most of my social media now.

Either way, I think it would be a good idea to create a logo. Even if you don’t use it a lot, you’ll have it just in case you ever need it somewhere!


By far the biggest part of your blogging brand is going to be you! This is true in a number of ways, some of which we’ve already talked about- blogging voice and social media presence.

Your blogging voice also extends to how you conduct yourself on social media. Make sure you keep a consistent tone of voice from your blog to your social media! This is why it helps to just remain true to who you are- that way you won’t slip up and confuse readers!


Here’s another thing to think about- the way you interact with clients. Let’s say you’re a photographer, and someone emails you about booking a shoot.

In the email, you’re very professional and “dear sir and madam” them to death. This is their first impression of you. But, you’re actually a really laid back person.

So, when they actually to meet you, you squeal in excitement and run to them with open arms, handshakes, and hellos.

That is NOT what you’ve sounded like in the email; now your clients are confused. Maybe they are relieved that you are more laid back than they thought, or maybe they were looking for someone who was as professional as you were over email- it can go both ways.

This is obviously a bit extreme, but you get the picture. Of course, you don’t have to be so laid back you start out your email with “Yo, what’s popping lol” but, again, use your blogging voice in your emails as well- and stay true to you!!

I would say those are pretty much the main parts that you need to consider in a brand. Now the question is how to bring your brand together and make it cohesive?

Don’t worry, I have tips for that too!


A great way to begin branding your blog is to make a board on Pinterest. (Make sure its secret if it’s from your business account!) After that, go on a pinning spree!

Pin anything and everything that inspires you or looks cool. Don’t be afraid to include other peoples pins in your pinning spree as well. Eventually, you’ll need your own pin designs! So it will be a good idea to check out what pins stand out the most to you- that way you’ll know what would catch your client’s eye as well!

Now go through your Pinterest board and start picking out similar elements that you can use in your own brand!


Not a big Pinterest user? If you’d rather do stuff the old fashion way, take some old magazines or pick some pictures from the internet and create a vision board! Create it just as you would a Pinterest board. Cut out things that catch your eye and glue them on the board! It’s a good way to see how your colors and ideas would fit together on a blog!

Add similar elements, see what you like and take out things you don’t like!


It’s important to have your social media graphics branded. It’s likely the first thing people will see before clicking over to your site, and you don’t want the disconnect like we mentioned before (your graphics to be upbeat if the tone of your blog is dark and moody).

Take what information you’ve gathered earlier because now it’s time to narrow it all down!

  • Choose a few colors + fonts

Now that you have a general idea of what you like, it’s time to start turning that into an actual cohesive branding for your blog!

I highly recommend using Canva Pro for your social media graphic creation, they have a good branding tool that is so helpful to use!

  • Pick 2-3 fonts to use

These are the fonts you should be used in everything, social media graphics, your logo, your blog font if you can manage it- anything you do.

  • Pick 2-3 colors to use

Same as with the fonts, use these colors in everything, social media graphics, logo, and blog background.

When you create a cohesive brand, it will allow people to instantly recognize you. When someone sees your pin on Pinterest, or Instagram, they’ll know it as your post!

Once you’ve done all that, I’d say you have a pretty amazing and cohesive brand for your blog!

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