The Ultimate Gift Guide for Bloggers!

Happy October! The month of October has gotten everyone thinking about Fall weather and pumpkin patches. It also means that my birthday has just passed. And as a blogger and a YouTuber, I always tend to ask for less traditional birthday gifts than you may expect from someone in their 20’s. I’m talking tripods, camera […]

The Truth About Being a Full-Time Blogger

What’s the truth about being a full-time blogger? What’s it actually like? There is a common misconception around blogging that we aren’t actually working. Being a full-time blogger sounds like it’s all fun and games. You write a few posts, create a few cute graphics, and schedule them on social media. And somehow you magically […]

Why you Should Start an Email List for your Blog!

Unsure of how or why you should start an email list for your blog? Are email lists still worth starting? If you’ve been putting off starting an email list for your blog, you’re missing out on an essential piece of your business! In today’s post, I’m going to go over the top 7 reasons why […]