If you have been thinking about creating content for a while and haven’t done it yet, this is for you.

Or if you’ve started to create content but still feel a bit stalled, this is for you too!

Today, we’re talking about how you can stop listening to all the advice and just start creating content.

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And it’s going to be a bit contradictory because I’m going to tell you to listen to my advice, which is to stop listening to all this advice.

And instead, just start creating content!

If you want to start creating content, a blog, youtube, podcast, start posting on TikTok- whatever it is you know that you want to do, whatever is in your heart and your dream that you haven’t started yet because you think you need to learn all of the things first. You’re holding yourself back.

You are holding yourself back from creating content because you don’t trust yourself. That’s likely what’s going on.

If you hear yourself saying “Well, I don’t have the best camera”, or “I don’t have a good mic.”

Or “If I just watch this video on how to grow…” or “I need this thing or this advice.”

No, you don’t. You don’t need any of that, and those are just excuses holding yourself back.

All you need is what you have right now.

Innovate! Make do with what you have and what you are right now.

Maybe you don’t have the best camera. But if you want to start on youtube, and you have a smartphone.

You have enough to get started. Right now, today.

If you want to start a blog, sure there are more technical things that need to be set up, but once you get that figured out (because it’s really not hard)– then all you need is one blog post. And you’ve started a blog.

But your being in this mindset of needing to listen to everyone’s advice is what’s holding you back from starting your dream because you’re scared.

Stop Listening to All the Advice- Just Start Creating Content!

What is holding you back from content creation?

The first thing to ask yourself is what is really holding you back from creating content?

Sit with this thought for a minute and ask yourself. Why haven’t you posted your first video yet?

Why haven’t you taken the first step to launch your blog? What is stopping you from doing that?

Is it money, or is it time? Is it because you don’t know what to do, or you’re in information overload?

You have to critically think about what is actually blocking you in order to help you get through it.

This may be a good time to journal your thoughts out. Sometimes we get so stuck in our heads and overwhelmed, we can’t actually see what the issues are.

And the quicker we see what the problem is, the faster we can work through them!

Here are a few blocks I’ve noticed that can come up and stop people from doing what they love.

You don’t have the right gear

This is one of the biggest things I hear when it comes to YouTube specifically.

“I don’t have the right camera.”

“I need to wait until next week when I get a new mic.”

“My background isn’t perfect.”

And for a blog, you may say something like;

“I don’t have my theme set up correctly.”

“I don’t have enough blog posts done yet.”

But the truth is, you don’t need any of that stuff. You don’t need to wait until things are perfect to launch what you want.

I understand if it’s something like you don’t have enough money.

This is easier on YouTube because all you really need is your phone and you can start taking videos. For a blog, this might be a little harder because you need money to start up a self-hosted blog.

Because when it comes to starting a blog, there is definitely an upfront investment. And if you’re trying to choose between your next meal and getting your blog up and running… then definitely don’t do that.

But, you could always start a free WordPress blog to start honing your skills, save up to get self-hosted, and do things that way!

You could start building a brand and a voice on Instagram. You could share your knowledge and expertise through photos and inside captions.

Or you can start making vertical videos and sharing your knowledge while you save up for the blog.

All of that is free!

Because if you feel like you’re stuck in this sucky situation where you hate your job, you hate where you live, you hate your life in general… well nothing changes if nothing changes.

And no one will change your life for you, other than you.

No one is coming to save you, so you need to save yourself.

And if that means you need to chase your dream, invest in a business and start living the way you want to live, then that’s exactly what you need to do.

And if you need extra help with this- you’re too overwhelmed or you’re unsure where to start. I can help you with that!

I’ve launched a blog audit and coaching service called Shine With Sarah. It’s specifically for people who have started their blogs and are stuck.

You see that your blog isn’t growing and you have no idea why. That’s where I come in!

I’ll do a full blog audit, walking you through all the things I think could be improved on your blog, and what I think you’re doing right.

There’s also a 75-minute Zoom call where we’ll blast through your limiting beliefs and any mindset that is holding you back from really going all-in with your blog.

Plus you can ask any questions you have, and I’ll answer them the best I can! Afterwards, you’ll have full email support for one week.

It’s going to be amazing, and if you’re interested in working with me, check out all the details right here!

You’re a perfectionist

Maybe you want everything to be perfect, and you have a hard time accepting that it’s not going to be that way.

And I am talking about this with a focus on business, but I bet you’ll see these same tendencies in other areas of your life.

You may have a bad habit of overthinking and trying to control everything in order to try and make it perfect.

This tends to come from childhood wounds and a time when you may not have had a lot of control over your life. So now, in adulthood you try to control everything that you can, to a fault.

Or you were told that nothing you did was ever good enough, so now everything needs to be perfect because you’re trying to prove yourself.

Does this sound like you? My hand is raised high in the air!

But, if you wait until you’re good before you start… you’re never going to start anything.

Tell me, were you good at driving the first time you tried it? Or riding a bike? Or a sport?

No, you weren’t.

But what did you do? You tried out for the basketball team anyway. You went to practice. You kept picking up that musical instrument. And trying, trying, trying again.

So why would content creation be any different?

Nothing is perfect at the start.

Not even big video game developers have things perfect. Look at a big game like Minecraft. It has been out for 13 years at this point.

The developers still put out 2 major updates a year and even more bug fixes each month.

So if one of the most popular games ever doesn’t have to get things perfect, why would you?

Understand there’s no “right way” to create content

What I’m learning myself is there is no “right way” to create content.

Sure, there are things you can do to grow faster, tips, tools, and strategies to help you out.

But if you are so stuck in the learning mode and you never actually do- then those strategies are never going to matter anyway.

You could listen to one person and they’ll tell you to create content one way.

And then the next person may tell you something completely different.

And you know what? Both of them are right.

There is more than one way to create content and everything works. All the advice out there works, but it works for different people.

If someone tells you that you need an email list to grow that is the only and best way to contact your audience.

So, you take the advice and try it.

Only to find out you hate email marketing and it doesn’t seem to be working for you.

What do you do? Everyone told you this is the way to go? Why isn’t it working?

You could do what I did and waste years’ worth of income (And time) trying to make something work that clearly isn’t for you.

You could buy classes and take a bunch of advice, do a bunch of research, and push until it works.

But what if it never does?

I know it didn’t for me.

So, instead what if you just tried something else? Something that worked for you, not what works for others.

I wasted so much time trying to make strategies work for me that worked super well for other people but I couldn’t get the results they were.

Until I stopped pushing and started doing things my way.

Creating content has never been easier

The barrier to entry with content creation is so much lower than it once was, which is making it so much easier to start.

With short-form content on the rise, you no longer need a 20-30 minute, perfectly edited, and entertaining YouTube video.

Sure, those videos still have their place online. But, you can just record a short video on your phone and upload it right to Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube.

And I’m not saying that gear or experience doesn’t matter.

If you want to compete with the top of the industry, you will need a better camera, or to hire a designer for your blog.

But to just start? You don’t need all of that.

You don’t need all the bells and whistles and the best advice out there to just put your first podcast episode out.

So stop listening to all the advice, and just start posting content! That’s the only advice you need to hear.

Because no one is good at content creation when they first start.

No one is perfectly confident with putting themselves out there and I know how scary that is to do. But in the end, it is so worth it when you feel so aligned and you see yourself following your dreams.

There is no better feeling in the world than being happy, taking aligned action, and pursuing your dreams. There’s literally nothing like it.

What action will you take next?

So, with that being said, what is the one thing you can do today –right now if you can– in order to start going after your dream?

Do you need to finally pick a hosting company to get your blog up and running, do you need to sign up for my coaching to get some extra help, or do you need to do something as small as just creating an email for your new youtube channel?

I don’t care if the one step you take is as small as that.

Because once you get the ball rolling, and you get momentum toward your dreams, it will be so much easier to keep that ball rolling.

And if you wait on this and think, oh okay I’ll start tomorrow on this– you’re already losing momentum and self-sabotaging yourself.

I hope this has started the momentum for you, got the ideas flowing, and kinda got the ball rolling.

And if that is the case- don’t lose that.

Start one thing you can do right after this. Maybe that is coaching, or even if that thing is super small, I guarantee you’ll have a business going after that.

And if you want the podcast version of this blog post, check it out right here!

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  1. Hiii.. My HUGE hang up is photos! I am researching and researching on doing a blog and think I am leaning towards Lifestyle to include some home styling and entertaining. I am so stuck on the photo aspect. Do I need to stage a ton of stuff and do my own photos? When I browse around blogs it seems as if people are using other peoples photos… Everything I have been reading is that they need permission. I just don’t know how people are getting all of the image content. I am far less worried about the writing.. ugh.

    1. Hi! It really depends on what type of content you are doing. If you want to do home styling, it would make sense to take your own photos for those blog posts. You’ll want to show off your style, in your home and with the products you bought. Otherwise for other types of blog posts I use a mix of Canva and paid stock photo sites! There are a bunch of free photos on Canva you could use, but I pay for PixiStock every year. They add a bunch of photos for you to use monthly, along with a lot of other stuff! This is my link to them: https://pixistock.com/ref/1429/

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