every blogger needs to stay mindful
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This post was written by my good friend Bee over at the blog Mind Beauty Simplicity! Check out more information about her at the bottom of the post!

I try to be intentional with every aspect of my life. When I started on this blogging journey, I knew I would need to continue these habits within my passion. But something a lot of us bloggers can relate to is the blurred lines between keeping the grind alive & completely burning the creative fuel to the ground.

Here are 4 reminders every blogger needs to stay mindful!


I’m guilty of getting so lost in the daily tasks where I have no intention of clocking out. When I become this way, I start to question if blogging is a passion or an obsession. I’m constantly reminding myself of the ever so popular quote, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” when I’m on the trajectory of barrelling through my writing or my to-do list.

Chances are as a blogger, we are our own bosses. And I’ve come to realize we tend to be our worst critics. Nobody is telling me to do these things except myself. On one hand, I’m proud I have such discipline & tenacity for what I do. But sometimes (a lot of times) I’m telling myself to chill out. 

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A lot of bloggers discuss the idea of consistency & tying it to the rate of success. I’m always wondering how often do other bloggers post? Am I posting too often? Am I not posting enough?

The conclusion I came to, is to always focus on quality over quantity. The blogging community is always pushing the ideas of fresh & new content, daily post challenges & being on the grind 24/7. I tend to run on the lines of being a perfectionist, so I’d much rather share less content that is higher quality than rushing to write something just to have something to post.

Now, I’m thinking to myself, I’m such a hypocrite because I’m committing to a 31 post-challenge in October. But you see the conflict we have in this community!

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The more tasks on a list, the more overwhelmed I feel. Do I keep adding things to the to-do list just to feel busier? Why do we have this mentality?

Society teaches us the busier we are the better. I reject that way of thinking very strongly. I’ve found when I keep my to-do list short, prioritizing maybe two to three ideas, I accomplish far more. I also find when I see a long list, my mind immediately shuts down & I tend to procrastinate. When something already looks impossible, how am I supposed to achieve it? 


I get it, once we publish one blog post we are off to writing the next best piece. But listen, we need to remember to keep promoting the old work. In times where I’ve had writer’s block or have been in a creative rut, I look at my past blog posts like an old friend.

Sometimes they will spark inspiration, while other times they simply are a reminder of the writer that I am. Twitter is the perfect platform to promote old blog posts. I just spend a day creating scheduled tweets, hit all the necessary time zones & watch them work their magic.

There are some months I go without posting any new content & simply focus on promoting the old blog posts & my blog views stay fairly steady. So, quit thinking you always need to write new stuff to stay relevant!


My name is Bee & I’m the writer behind Mind Beauty Simplicity. My blog focuses on intentional living, minimalism, decluttering & self-growth. If you enjoyed this read, I’d love it if you stopped by my blog to check out more of my work. Thank you Sarah Marie of Business Women Thrive for giving me the opportunity to guest post on your blog! It’s been an honor & I hope your readers found inspiration from this post.

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