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As content creators, we have a lot of jobs on our hands and spend a lot of time online.

Since we work for ourselves and don’t have a set “schedule”, it’s easy to get sucked into the job and not know how to stop!

So it’s super important to learn how to spend less time online as a content creator, get more done, and be able to unplug from our jobs!

How to create a work-life balance

The first thing we need to do is work on creating a work-life balance, which is easier said than done.

In general, creating a work-life balance can be hard to do for anyone, but especially for content creators who work from home!

Work-life balance is especially delicate for content creators because;

  • We don’t need to “clock in” and “clock out” of work- we can work as much (or as late!) as we want
  • We don’t leave the house to work, making work/home life harder to separate
  • We can work in pajamas if we want- no work uniforms or business casual clothes are needed
  • We don’t have the drive home from work- no ability to decompress and separate “work” and “home

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Set boundaries

When you work from home, it’s important to set boundaries for yourself.

Set certain times for you to work, so that you make sure you still have time to be “offline” and actually present at home.

You don’t exactly have to have set exact “work hours” if you don’t want to, although that may work for some people.

Just set a time to start work, preferably giving yourself some time in the morning, and set a time when you stop work as well to give yourself time to wind down at night.

But, the good thing about working from home is that you can set your own hours and work when it is convenient for you.

If you’re more of a morning person, you can start your day earlier.

Or if you’re more of a night person, you can structure your day to work at night.

You can also set boundaries in other ways.

Finding a specific spot where you do the majority of your work, like an office if you can.

And make other areas of the house “work-free” zones, like for example your couch or your bedroom.

Your bedroom shouldn’t be used for work (unless you have no other choice).

Maybe you can even change up spots in your living room as well so you’re not sitting in the same spot all day!

5 Simple Ways to Spend Less Time Online as a Content Creator!

How to spend less time online as a content creator!

Now let’s talk about how you can spend less time online!

This doesn’t mean getting less work done either, it just means being more efficient with your time so you can log off sooner!

1. Use a system to help spend less time online

If you have systems in place with your work, it can help you be more efficient in the things you do weekly or daily.

For example, I have a system in place for when I create YouTube videos or blog posts.

I have a Google doc where I wrote out a bunch of questions I ask myself every time I create a new piece of content.

A Google Docs of my YouTube video outline

This makes sure I never miss a step in the process, and it saves time because I always know what step comes next.

You can create systems or do something to make a part of the creation process faster. Like when it comes to social media creation.

I use Canva Pro for all my social media creation and I have a folder for youtube work, blog work, and Pinterest.

I have all the photo sizes set for my blog posts, labeled with the names so I can just drop a new photo in, save it, and include it in the post.

This is my Canva folder with all my blog designs

For youtube, I have all my thumbnails in one design.

And even for Pinterest, I’ve created a bunch of pin designs that I can easily use each week.

Doing something like this will help you save time!

Setting up systems for yourself can mean anything, whatever helps you get things done faster or makes the process run smoother.

2. Use tools to spend less time online

One of the great ways you can spend less time online is by using tools to schedule your posts.

I mentioned using Canva Pro for my social media, and pretty much all of my graphic design.

It is one of the most useful tools I have. 

I upgraded to Canva Pro to get access to a lot more features, making content creation a lot easier.

You can also invest in social media schedulers like Buffer for Twitter or Tailwind for Pinterest.

Or, if you’re considering upgrading to Canva Pro, they also have a built-in social media scheduler as well!

This is what the Canva social media scheduler looks like!

You need to be on the paid plan to access it, and it’s not something I ever used, but it is an option!

You could also buy other tools like these customizable Pinterest pin templates I have available in my shop! It will help you save time in creating pins for the week.

I make sure to update them pretty regularly in order to make sure they’re fresh and new because fresh content is so important on Pinterest!

3. Batch create your content

Another way you can spend less time online is by batch-creating when you can. You can do this with blog posts, or even social media.

For example, I will take one day to create all my pins for the week, and one to two days at the beginning of the month to write out all my tweets.

I do this by planning everything out in my social media content calendar. It takes me 1-2 hours and the entire month is done!

Batch creating is going to save you time because your brain is already in writing mode, and you have all the things you need set up around you.

Plus, then you can schedule content in advance!

| In this video, I talk about how to create content consistently and never miss a blog upload! |

4. Schedule content in advance

Being able to schedule content is a life-saver!

And if you’re not doing it, you definitely need to give it a try because it will change your life.

I am rarely, if ever, at my computer when a video or blog post goes live.

Any promotional tweets I send are usually scheduled as well.

As I mentioned, I plan out all of my tweets in advance using this social media content calendar.

It makes the process smoother and faster because I can plan everything out in advance and then I just need to copy and paste the Tweets!

This is what it looks like:

Part of the Twitter section in my All-In-One social media content calendar

Check out the rest of the content calendar here. There is more than just Twitter!

I also have a section for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok!

If you can do content ahead of time and schedule it out, this will keep you from being at the computer and spending less time online.

5. Hire help to spend less time online

One of the most sure-fire ways you can spend less time online is to simply hire someone else to do that work for you!

You can hire so many different jobs depending on what you need;

  • Ghostwriters for blog posts
  • Graphic designers
  • Social media managers
  • Email marketer

Hiring someone will not only be a good way to spend less time at the computer, but it can also be good for your business!

When you hire out help and take things off of your plate, it frees you up to do the things you like!

And, it gives your work over to someone who is a professional in that area.

If you hate email marketing, or you’re just simply not good at it, you can hire someone to do it for you and make your business grow!

There are a lot of things we can do to make sure we spend less time online.

Let me know some of your time-saving hacks in the comments below! Or, check out more content from me!

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