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Spring is finally here! It’s one of my favorite times of year because it is when the snow melts and the weather starts to get warmer!

Everyone starts to clean their houses and really get a fresh start.

It’s also a great time for some self-care! If you’re looking for a mood booster here are some self-care ideas for Spring!

45 Self-Care Ideas for Spring! How to Have a Happy, Healthy Season!

Why is Self Care important?

Let’s first talk about why self-care is so important, especially after wintertime.

If you’re like me, the winter months can really affect your mood.

It can be something as serious as seasonal depression, or just feeling unproductive.

I’m the type of person that thrives in the warmth and the sunshine.

So, the darker days and colder months really affect my productivity and general happiness.

That’s why self-care is so important during the springtime to bring back productivity and happiness!

Self-care is just generally important as well. You probably have heard the saying “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

Meaning, if you’re the type of person that tends to give, give, give to other people…

Always helping them out, dropping what you are doing to make sure others are okay, and saying yes to things you want to say no to, you are pouring too much of yourself into others.

Eventually, that cup will run dry. And you can’t pour from an empty cup.

So, you need to take care of yourself first, before anyone else.

And in doing so, you’ll have more to give to other people as well. That’s why self-care is important and so, so needed!

Self-Care ideas for Spring

1 Treat yourself to your favorite food or restaurant

2. Manifest in your bullet journal

3. Have a cheat day in your diet (if you’re on one!)

4. Write out your goals for the 2nd quarter of the year

5. Go on a walk or a hike

6. Do some calming yoga

7. Create your dream board on Pinterest. This is what mine looks like!

8. Practice meditating

9. Go to the gym and work out for 30 minutes

10. Hang out with friends or loved ones

11. Spring clean your digital workspace

12. Go on a drive with the windows down to soak up the sun

13. Light some candles (These are my favorite!)

14. Do your skincare routine

15. Buy yourself some flowers

16. Take a bath with some bath bombs

17. Start a garden

18. Clean out your closet

19. Spring clean your house

20. Read your favorite book (I enjoy these self-help books!)

21. Pick up a new hobby

22. Do a puzzle

23. Color in an adult coloring book (There’s an inspirational one here!)

24. Take a nap or sleep in on your off day

25. Go to an art gallery and look around

26. Have a girl’s night out

27. Get into bed early with cozy PJs, a snack, and a movie!

28. Say positive affirmations

29. Write down what you’re grateful for today

30. Open the windows in your house to let the fresh air in

31. Rise with the sun (Turn off your alarms for the day)

32. Create a morning routine

 33. Put your phone in do-not-disturb mode

34. Get yourself some fresh new bedsheets

35. Get a massage

36. Go get your nails and/or toes done at the salon

37. Pick out your favorite outfit to wear to make yourself feel confident!

38. Do a social media detox for the day

39. Take some selfies when you’re feeling cute to boost your confidence

40. Organize your clothes and declutter what you don’t need (Try donating them!)

41. Do something fun that you normally wouldn’t do

42. Have a date night with your partner

43. Bake something delicious

44. Try out a new recipe for dinner. Or sign up for something like HelloFresh

45. Go to a new restaurant you’ve never been to

There are so many different self-care ideas for Spring that you can do!

That’s one of the best parts about self-care, it’s doing whatever works for you.

What may be self-care for you, might not be self-care for someone else. So indulge in whatever that means for you.

I hope you’ve gotten some good ideas for my list, and make sure to check out some of my other posts as well!

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  1. Mind Beauty Simplicity

    loved this post! i’ve been really focusing on self care lately. And the spring time is where I start to really thrive. The winter season really hit my mood more than ever. And I’m really excited to get the house more in order / cleaned. I hope to get outdoors more often & take up some active hobbies like yoga.

    1. Thank you! I feel the same way about the winter. I thrive in the summer and hibernate in the winter! I’ve been doing yoga for a bit now and I love it! Highly recommend trying it out 🙂

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