Positive morning affirmations for women

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Your thoughts control everything. How you think, feel, act, what you say and do.

And people, women especially, can be really hard on themselves.

What you say to yourself can have a big impact on your mind and body. But something that can help with that is positive morning affirmations for women!

Affirmations are great to say at any time of the day, but it’s even better to give yourself a little mental confidence boost in the morning!

This will help you improve your mood for the rest of the day and allow you to feel good about yourself.

So here are 25 positive morning affirmations for women to say!

How positive affirmations work

First, let’s talk about how these positive morning affirmations work. Because you can’t just say them half-heartedly and wonder why they aren’t working!

Positive affirmations for women are there to help you change your mindset.

Your mind and thoughts affect your mood, how you view yourself and the world. It also affects what you attract into your life.

You are constantly attracting energy to yourself, good and bad. If your thoughts are typically negative, you are attracting negative vibes and lowering your vibration.

The same goes for positive thoughts.

So, using positive affirmations and raising your vibration will allow you to attract more positive energy. Along with creating a happier and healthier mood for yourself!

25 Positive Morning Affirmations for Women to Help Boost Your Mood!

Positive morning affirmations for women!

  1. I accept myself
  2. Today I will try my best
  3. I have to power to follow through with everything I set out to do
  4. Today is full of opportunities that I will take advantage of
  5. I am beautiful
  6. I am strong
  7. Today will be a good day
  8. I will enjoy the little moments
  9. I have the power to change myself
  10. I am doing my best
  11. I will take some me time today
  12. Happiness is a choice. Today I choose to be happy.
  13. My potential is limitless. I control my own potential
  14. I am in control of my day
  15. It is okay to ask for help
  16. I will set healthy boundaries for myself
  17. I love my body and I accept the way I am
  18.  I will be patient
  19.  I forgive myself and others for mistakes that are made
  20. I treat my body with respect.
  21. I have accomplished many things and I am proud of them
  22.  I only focus on what I can control and forget about the rest
  23.  I trust that I am on the right path
  24. I have come a long way
  25. I will not focus on the bad moments I may have today

How women can benefit from positive morning affirmations

Now that we’ve gone over the affirmations, how can you use them to your benefit? There are a few ways.

Morning affirmations can help raise your self-esteem

Women tend to judge themselves very harshly.

We are put under a lot of pressure to look and act a certain way. And we tend to compare ourselves a lot.

This can have a very negative impact on the way we view ourselves, which lowers our self-esteem.

Saying these positive morning affirmations can really help us as women feel better about ourselves.

We need to be kinder and gentler to ourselves and our bodies because we are just human after all.

There is no reason we should hate ourselves or our bodies because we are all beautiful and we deserve to know that.

Using positive morning affirmations for women specifically can help you raise your self-esteem and create a more positive outlook for yourself!

Use affirmations to help manifest your goals

You can also use affirmations to help you manifest any goals that you have, or improve your life in some way!

I know there are a lot of people that are not into manifesting, and I get it.

When I first heard about this I thought it was very strange too. But I was at a low point in my business and, honestly, I had nothing else to lose!

I also think there are a lot of misconceptions around manifesting, so people count it out as being “magic” and not involving a lot of work when that really isn’t the case at all.

You and the Universe have to work together in order to help you achieve your manifestations.

The Universe gives you the opportunities based on what you want, and then you are the one that has to do all the work to get it!

If you want to learn more about this, check out this blog post right here!

How to make positive affirmations work for you!

Now that you have this list, you can choose one or a few to say to yourself daily.

I also encourage you to not say these affirmations exactly as I have written them, for the most part at least.

One of the big parts of affirmations is relating them closely to yourself. If you don’t feel the affirmations, they won’t work for you.

So tailor them to match your own life!

Start with the affirmations you need the most

Take a few affirmations that speak to you the most.

What areas of your confidence do you need to work on the most? Which ones do you feel you need to tell yourself first?

Pick 3-5 and begin saying them to yourself every morning.

In the mirror, on the way to work, while you’re getting dressed- it doesn’t matter. Say them out loud and in your head.

Believe what you are saying

When you are saying these positive affirmations to yourself each morning, don’t roll your eyes and shrug it off once you say it.

You have to mean it.

If it comes out of your mouth and leaves a sour taste or feels foreign to say to yourself, keep saying it. Don’t back down from it, keep saying it until you believe it.

If you don’t start to believe what you are saying, these affirmations will never work for you.

And this also goes for affirmations that don’t fit you exactly.

If an affirmation doesn’t activate something inside you or make you feel a certain type of way, change it up until it hits home for you and your situation.

Stick with the same affirmations until you believe it

When you’ve chosen an affirmation, stick with it for a few days until you really start to believe it!

It’s okay to test out more than one affirmation, but I like to have a few I always come back to until I start to believe it! Then you can move on to different ones

Create your own positive affirmations

And, as I said, make sure to update mine, and also create your own!

There is no right or wrong way to say affirmations unless what you are doing isn’t working for you.

It’s all specific to who you are as a person.

So when you are going through this list, if you find that you have a positive morning affirmation you’d like to say to yourself, feel free to also add in your own!

Write these morning affirmations down so you don’t forget them, and go back to the ones you’ve come up with yourself as needed! 

Other options to try

If you find saying the same positive affirmations every morning to be boring, another thing you could try is picking an affirmation for each day.

For example, pick affirmations you’ll say each Monday for a few weeks. Then pick a different set for each Tuesday. And so on.

This way you’ll get enough practice throughout the week saying affirmations each morning, but it will switch up daily!

Keep the same affirmations for a month, or as long as you feel you need them, and then switch them up for the next month!

If you liked this blog post, be sure to check out the others I have on positive affirmations, like this one on 25 positive affirmations to boost your confidence!

I hope these affirmations will work to raise your confidence.

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