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If you’re struggling to use Pinterest to grow your blog, I understand. Pinterest is hard! I struggled a lot when it came to Pinterest marketing before I took the best e-course out there, called Pinterest with Ell.

Pinterest with Ell is honestly the best course to learn all about Pinterest marketing strategies, making money with Pinterest, and bringing tons of traffic to your blog! It’s also extremely cheap for the amount of value you’re going to get out of this course.

So, I wanted to do a review of the course, give my opinion on it and show my personal results that I have gotten from the course! If you’re on the fence about buying this course or not, this post will help you make the decision!


First, I want to give a brief overview of what you’ll find when you take Pinterest with Ell. Keep in mind that I am going to leave out a lot of details of what you’ll get and keep the descriptions themselves pretty brief, just out of respect for the course owner, Ell! I want to make sure I give out enough information that you’ll find out if you like the course, but not give everything away!

The course is separated into sections, as most Teachable courses are. So let’s go over the sections she has.

In the first section of the course, she tells you how to set your blog up for success! Teaching you everything you need to know to make sure your site is ready to receive the views from your Pinterest account!

I found this section really helpful for people just starting out blogging, If you’ve been blogging a while, it’s likely you’ll have everything in order here but it’s worth the read anyway, just in case you’ve missed something!

I also love this part of the course because it teaches you not only about Pinterest, but also helps you with your blog! It really rounds out the course, in my opinion, making it that much better.

Next section, she goes over how to optimize your Pinterest account with SEO strategies, which topics to pin, setting up your account, and more!

These are the important first steps into starting your account, and SEO which is one of the most important parts of Pinterest to maximize the traffic you should be getting!

After that, the next section is all about pin creation. How to create the best pins to convert views to traffic and crafting the perfect titles for pins.

This is just as important as the last section. If you don’t have the proper SEO strategies, your pins won’t get seen. But if you have pins that aren’t worth clicking on because the titles aren’t enticing enough, then it doesn’t matter how many people see your Pin- no one will click on it anyway.

The next section goes over Pinterest analytics. It’s important to understand how to use Pinterest analytics so you know what strategies are working and which ones aren’t!

The next section of Pinterest with Ell talks about pinning strategies. Then she moves on to the best way to schedule pins. The last section is reserved for teaching you how to make money with Pinterest!

I found every section of this course valuable, and it’s important to check back often because she updates it every time Pinterest has a huge update!


I’ll admit, before I bought this course, I was a little hesitant to do so. I had bought so many courses up until this point and none of them seemed to be working for me!

I had even spent $400 on a Pinterest course once, so I wasn’t sure what a $39 course could do for me that a $400 one couldn’t!

Finally, I broke down and bought it. Curiosity got the best of me. And what I found blew my expectations away!

It pains me to think about how much I wasted on the $400 Pinterest course. While it did teach me a bit about Pinterest, I honestly could have just bought Pinterest with Ell and saved me time and money!

Yes, it’s crazy to think about it, but the price of a course doesn’t matter as much as the content. I fully believe that Pinterest with Ell is way better than the more expensive course that I bought.

I could gush about this course for hours, but instead, let’s get onto the results of me taking the course instead!


Here is my traffic for the month (July 2020) before I took her course. I had 3,293 pageviews. Not bad in terms of blog views, honestly.

But, if we look in comparison to what happened after I start implementing her course strategies, check out the results! 

I got 5,550 pageviews the next month! Jumping up 2,000 page views in one month was a shocker for me.

Now, this isn’t the first time I implemented her strategies. I’ve had the course a lot longer than in July of 2020. This was my second time going through the course. She updates the course regularly to fit Pinterest’s new algorithm changes.

She’s had 3 major updates since I bought her course and each time I have gone through it again and change my strategy, I saw a spike in views bigger than the one before!

The first time I went through the course, I also saw a spike in views. But I was still doing a lot of things wrong, like using Tailwind as opposed to manually pinning. I was still working at the time and didn’t have the time to manual pin.

This time, I went through Pinterest with Ell (My 2nd time going through the course), I decided to manually pin more (Which is now pretty much the standard, back then it was all about Tailwind!) and within a WEEK I saw the difference.

It is absolutely wild to me how good these Pinterest strategies are. Within the same week of implementing the new strategy, I was noticing the difference in views!


If it isn’t obvious by now, I love this course so much and I 100% stand by it! It has always worked for me, and it’s worked for many other bloggers as well.

Here’s one thing to remember though, blogging courses are not a magic pill to get you tons of views. It’s all in the way you implement what you’ve learned. This course will not be the magic pill that will get you tons of views. You still have to work for those views.

This is just the road map to getting you where you need to go, and if you follow it correctly, you’ll be able to see good results too!

For example, I spend my entire Sunday creating pins for the week and time every single day to schedule pins for the next day. Pinterest is a lot of work! And if you aren’t willing to put it in, you won’t get the results out!

I’m not saying this to discourage you in any way, just hoping to let you in on the realities of what work this course will bring, along with the expected results!

Hopefully, by now, you’ve made a decision on whether or not you’d like to purchase the course. It’s obviously a highly recommended one by me, but it’s ultimately up to you if you think it’s worth it or not! If you’d like to check out more or purchase Pinterest with Ell, you can find it here!

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  1. I took her cause and I’ve been so impressed with what I’ve learnt! But I love that she updates it with new Pinterest updates!


    1. My favorite part of having the course is the frequent updates she does!

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