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Hello readers! I’m excited to be writing a guest post for Sarah Marie. I want to share my tips on being more productive, and how a good self-care regimen really increases productivity.

Ensuring self-care is scheduled into my routine helps me feel stronger to tackle everyday problems. Being more productive is a balance between being disciplined and getting a lot done while making sure to include daily self-care breaks.


The number one self-care treatment I recommend is spending time outdoors. I love going for walks on my lunch break during the workweek. Even on cloudy days, getting out of the office re-energizes my mind and helps me organize my thoughts.

Just taking a 30-minute walk to enjoy the beauty of nature makes a world of difference. On days when I stay in the office and work through my lunch, I’m left feeling frustrated and often get a headache before the day ends. Take breaks and you will notice the difference it makes in your productivity!

Check out the Pomodoro technique for more tips!


Another self-care tip I recommend is taking baths at least once a week. I often skip taking baths and choose to take a quick shower instead. However, showers just aren’t the same.

When I take the extra time to enjoy a soak, I feel so much more relaxed. I’m able to remain calm no matter what little hiccups come up throughout the week. I like to increase my indulgence in the bathtub with lush bubbles and a scented candle.

Editors Note: Personally, I’m not a bath-taker. I prefer showers myself. However, I can see why the baths would relax some people. Whatever works best for you!

Get in the shower or bath, put some nice, calming music on, and just enjoy it! Use your favorite bubbly bath soap, or find a nice scented shampoo if you like showers instead.

If you find neither of those things to be relaxing? Maybe head to a spa and get something done. A mani-Petti, haircut, or massage chair. Find your nearest pool/ hot tub and take a soak, whatever makes you relax and forget about the week before!


Thirdly, I recommend increasing your work out routine to increase productivity. Working out produces endorphins and is a super healthy way to release tension. It also gives you energy!

Lately, I’ve added short 20-minute workouts that I can easily add at home to my routine, in addition to going to the gym 1-3 times per week. These extra little workouts have helped me feel so much stronger.


Lastly, I recommend listening to motivational talks to help you get fired up and motivated to do more. I have incorporated listening to a quick 20-minute motivational video each morning while I put on my makeup. Some of my favorite speakers are Les Brown and Zig Zagler.

These talks really help to energize me on days where I wake up feeling blah. I recommend doing some research and finding a motivational speaker that inspires you!

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What are your productivity tips? Thanks for reading!

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