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I love using self-esteem affirmations and other affirmations in my life. If you are feeling very self-conscious, and you don’t have a lot of confidence in yourself, affirmations can be a great way to help boost that!

In this blog post, we’re going to be talking about what these affirmations are and why you should be using them! Along with some other personal development, tips to help you get started on your self-love journey!


If you’re new to the world of self-care and personal development, you might not even know what an affirmation is?

A self-esteem affirmation is pretty much just a line that you repeat to yourself over and over again throughout the day. This is to help develop your self-esteem and make you feel better.

Self-Esteem Affirmations to Remind Yourself of This Fall Pinterest pin


The reason these self-esteem affirmations are beneficial is because we tend to have a lot of negative self-talk. We like to put ourselves down, and it can really ruin our mood.

So, using affirmations, and more importantly, self-esteem-focused affirmations, can help us reframe our mindset, boost our self-confidence, and make us generally happier!


If affirmations and words of encouragement like this won’t work for you, there are other things you can try!

Even if this will work for you, I also recommend reading personal development books as well! Two books that have really helped me are from an author named Jen Sincero.

One is called You Are a Bada** -How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life” where she walks you through not snoozing your life away and waking you up to help you live life to your full potential!

Another great read by her is “Bada** Habits- Cultivate the Awareness, Boundaries, and Daily Upgrades” it’s kinda the 2nd iteration of the other book, but they aren’t really related, so you can read them in any order.

And did you know you could check out either book for free with a free Audible trial?! 

If you like audiobooks, check out the free audiobook here!

Or, check out the physical copies here on Amazon: 

Okay, let’s check out the self-esteem affirmations!


  1. I love myself more and more every day
  2. I believe in myself and I believe in my ability to do great things
  3. I am capable of much more than I think I am
  4. I attract success and happiness in my life effortlessly
  5. I am strong enough to handle anything that comes my way
  6. I am in control of my thoughts and actions. And I choose to move and think positively
  7. I accept myself for who I am
  8. As long as I am happy, I don’t care what others think
  9. What people think of me is a reflection of them, not a reflection of who I actually am
  10. I am unique and special. There is no one like me
  11. I deserve to be happy and live a life I love
  12. I will not worry about the things that I can’t control
  13. I believe in my ability to do anything I want
  14. I am doing enough
  15. I am on track to reach my goals. I am exactly where I am supposed to be

I hope these affirmations were helpful, and don’t forget to check out the free audiobooks or hardcover copies if you’re interested in the personal development and mindset books!

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