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Starting a blog is a big and exciting step on your journey to make money online! So of course you feel the need to choose a catchy blog name you’ll love!

Being able to choose a catchy blog name you’ll love is important because it’s going to be at the forefront of your brand! It’s how everyone will know you, so of course you want to be totally in love with it and proud to rep it out in public.

You may have a ton of ideas running around in your head for what you may want to call your blog, or you may be coming up short and having nothing in mind!

But no matter what your situation is, this blog post is going to give you the tips and tricks of choosing a catchy blog name you’ll love!

How to Choose a Catchy Blog Name You'll Love!

How important is your blog’s name?

Your blog name is pretty much going to serve as the name of your business. It will be what people know you as online, and it will likely be your name on social media as well.

Here are a few places you can expect to use your blog name;

  • Registering it as your business name in the future
  • Your handle on all social media
  • Your email address
  • Your YouTube (if you choose to start one)
  • Your domain name

If you don’t know what a domain name is, it is your website link! All of this and more will be where your brand name is displayed, so you want to make sure you choose a catchy blog name you’ll love! Because you will be using it a lot.

However, nothing is set in stone! If you decide down the line that your blog name no longer fits the direction you want to take your business, you are allowed to change it!

In fact, I did this very thing. My blog used to be called “Business Women Thrive” but I eventually changed it over to my name Sarah Marie.

So don’t stress over choosing a name! It can be changed.

| Rather watch the video instead? Check it out here!

How to Choose a Catchy Blog Name You’ll Love!

Step 1: Write down all the words you associate with your blog

What is your blog about? Who is the audience you’re targeting? Write down everything you can think of that matches up with your brand, your style, your blog, or your audience.

If you can’t think of a lot, try looking up some words associated with the few you can think of to get a bigger list to choose from

And if you haven’t chosen a niche yet, check out this blog post on how to do it!

You can also include your name like I have. It doesn’t need to specifically be just your name, but if your brand is centered around you, then your name could be included!

Step 2: Start putting words together

The next step is pretty simple! Just start mashing words together and see what you like.

For example, my blog was called “Business Women Thrive” because I am here to do just that… help businesswomen thrive! It’s about as simple as it gets really.

It’s best to start mixing words up and saying them out loud. Thinking about how they feel together and if it sounds any good.

You could also include your name as I mentioned, like “Baking with Betty” or “Savvy Saving Sarah” It doesn’t exactly have to be an alliteration like that, but if you can think of something awesome then go with that!

How to Choose a Catchy Blog Name You'll Love!

Step 3: Check if the domain name is available

And this is the most important part. Before you fall madly in love with any name- make sure it is available first!

I personally do a quick Google Search to see if there are any big accounts, books, games, or anything else associated with the name I chose. That way down the line there won’t be any confusion if someone has a name like yours!

The next step would be to use Siteground’s Domain checker to see if your name is up for grabs. DON’T BUY IT YET THOUGH!

You are just simply checking to see if the name you like is available. You don’t want to purchase a name you aren’t sure on yet, especially if you’re debating between a few names.

Once you do choose a catchy blog name you’ll love, you can buy your hosting and domain name from Siteground. It’s much more simple to buy hosting and domain from the same place so you can manage it all at once.

(P.S. When you do go through Siteground, make sure you’re buying WordPress hosting! And all you’ll need is their StartUp plan. It’s the one I have been using for years, and WordPress is the best place to blog- trust me on this one!)

Siteground hosting-start a blog

Step 4: Narrow down your options a pick one!

Hopefully, this will be the easy part of the process for you. All that’s left to do is choose your favorite option and purchase it with Siteground.

There are some things you want to look out for when trying to choose a catchy blog name you’ll love, so let’s go over those next before you make your final decision!

Things to look out for when choosing a catchy blog name

Sadly not all blog names are created equal, so you want to look out for and avoid these things when going to choose a catchy blog name you’ll love!

It doesn’t have to be a “.com” domain name

Now, a “.com” blog name is the most common and is the one you should look out for. But sometimes you just can’t get it with the name you want!

For example, my current domain name is The reason for that is, the “.com” name was taken and being sold for a ridiculously high price.

Sometimes the reason you can’t have the name you want is because it is actively being used by another person’s site.

This was not the case for me. The “.com” version of my URL doesn’t work- there is no site there. I think it was swooped up by someone who buys common or popular domain names and is trying to be sold back for a ridiculously high price.

Because let’s be real, my name isn’t very unique! It’s about the most basic white girl name you can think of.

HOWEVER, I was really attached to the idea of having my name as my domain name. And the ”.blog” wasn’t taken! So I got to have it!

Be careful when you do this in case the name is actually being actively used and taken. If this scenario comes up for you, make sure you do your research! And pay attention to the price- because it changes based on the extension you use.

 But “.com” is luckily not your only option!

Don’t make your blog name complicated

You want your blog name to roll off the tongue. You want it to be easy to remember because you want people to talk about it!

So make sure your blog name is easy to spell, not too long, and easy to remember. You also want to keep any weird symbols out of your name, hyphens, inappropriate words, or profanity out of your name, and things like that.

You’ll also want to scan your blog name and make sure that when it’s all one word, it doesn’t end up looking like another word or something that could accidentally be inappropriate.

A lot of times, people will see your blog name in the URL, which is always one word. So you don’t want it spelling out something you didn’t intend for it to!

For example, one name I see a lot is “A point of light” and my brain always reads it as “a point of FLIGHT” Although, that could just be my silly brain! However, it wouldn’t hurt to get a second set of eyes on your blog and ask them how they read it.

Don’t pigeonhole yourself

Your blog name should not feel restricting to you. It should allow you to spread your creativity wings and fly.

And while many people likely won’t notice if your blog has one name while you’re writing about something different, it could be more of a “you” mindset!

Like when my name was Business Women Thrive, I felt restricted to only writing about business things when I wanted to do more.

So I changed it!

If you’re doing a travel blog, don’t name it after that single trip you took to England if you plan to travel to many places! (Unless that’s something that feels right for you- then go for it! There aren’t really any rules here lol)

Overall, your blog name is mostly for you.

It’s also for your readers in the sense that it’s how they’ll interact with your business and may give them a better insight into your blog. But I’ve seen blog names that really don’t match and the blogs do just fine!

For example, a blog called “Homebody Hall” writes about acrylic pouring, and a blog called “Finsavvy Panda” writes about saving money and other things (Why about pandas? Who knows! Who cares! It works and it’s okay!)

So just know it’s okay with whatever you choose, it can be changed later if you really hate it, and it’s better to stop agonizing, pick one, and move on! You got this!

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How to Choose a Catchy Blog Name You'll Love!

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    I agree with using your own name can be a miss, especially if you want to separate your personal life and business.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks!

      And yes, using your own name is a trade-off. I like the idea because it creates more freedom of topics to write on, but it’s not very private!

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