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As a beginner blogger, it can be hard to come up with unique blog post ideas. Maybe you’re a few months into blogging and you’re finally running out of steam.

Or maybe you want to come up with a huge blog topic list before you launch so that you never run out of ideas (my favorite thing to do!).

So how do you come up with unique blog post ideas to write about?

1. Find your audience

Where do your readers hang out online? A blog post generally needs to answer a question or solve a problem. So the best way to find the exact pain points of your ideal readers is to go where they hang out and find the questions they are asking!

Obviously, I don’t mean to go to the local coffee shops and scout out potential readers. There are plenty of places you can go online and find your ideal reader!

Don’t know your audience just yet? Check out how to create a reader profile to better understand who you’re trying to reach!

How to Come up with 100+ Unique Blog Post Ideas

Do a forum search

This is something I just recently learned about and I will have to dive more into once I start running out of blog-post-generating steam!

How do you find a forum for your niche?

Go to Google and type in “Your niche + forum”

For example, I typed in “business women forum” and the second search was a forum for business women!

A bunch of other things showed up as well like Facebook pages and more forums! Plenty of places for ideas!

  • Brainstorm 10-20 ideas

2. Utilize social media

I could honestly grab a million unique blog post ideas from this method! There are so many social media platforms out there! But let’s just check out some of the basic ones that you should be using to your advantage!

Facebook groups

There are tons of Facebook groups you could join (if you’ve picked the right niche). And inside those Facebook groups will either be your target audience (ideal reader) or a bunch of people working in your niche (both experienced and inexperienced)

You could;

  • Grab ideas from your target audience (Based off of their questions)
  • Take advice from more experienced people in your niche (Ask questions yourself!)
  • Learn from people less experienced than you- (What mistakes are they making that you can help correct?)

On top of Facebook, there are so many more social media sites you can pull unique blog post ideas from.


So many bloggers preach about how amazing Pinterest is. I am also one of those bloggers!

Use Pinterest as you would use Google- just like a search engine. All you have to do is type in a few keywords from your niche into the search bar.

After that, I guarantee there will be hundreds of unique blog post topics for you within seconds. You don’t even have to click on any pins, just check out the blog post titles!

Want more traffic from Pinterest? Check out my e-course for more info on Pinterest!

Twitter + Instagram

Twitter and Instagram can be good places to come up with some ideas as well! If you’re following other bloggers in your niche, check out what they are posting about!

Brainstorm 10-20 more ideas (Although I’m sure with this method you could come up with so many more!)

  • Blog post idea count: 30-40 (At least!)

3. Blog topic generator


I’ll be honest, I never used this particular tool before writing this post. But I did a bit of testing before I decided to recommend it, and it’s a pretty unique tool.

Basically, this is how it works. You type in up to 5 nouns and the website will give you a week’s worth of blog posts free (Which if you’re following all of my methods, it’s all you’ll need from this tool!)

Or you could pay to unlock 250 more blog post ideas (which you really don’t need to do). I don’t recommend paying for blog post ideas, I think there are better free methods out there. You should never need to pay for blog post ideas, but apparently, it’s an option!

  • Blog post idea count: 50-55

4. Take advantage of blog comments

It would be so silly if you ignored your blog comments! Blog comments are literally people who actually read your site and care enough to leave a comment on it! They’ve practically knocked on your door with ideas!

How can you fully take advantage of comments on blogs?

From your own blog

If you’re lucky enough to have a few useful comments on your blog, try and come up with a few ideas with them!

What happens if the comment consists of “nice post!” or “thanks for sharing!” You obviously can’t turn that into a post, can you? Well… not exactly. However, you can still use these comments to your advantage.

Take a look at what blog posts have simple comments that just thank you for the insight or tell you that they like the post, these can still be useful. What was the post about? Can you duplicate that into another post?

It is very hard to get people to comment on blogs. So pay attention if your readers are leaving nice comments on your blog posts! That means that content really resonated with your audience and you should definitely write more about it!

  • Brainstorm 5 ideas (if you can)

If not?

Look at comments from other blogs

So let’s say you’re in your first-month blogging or so and no one has really interacted with your posts yet. Don’t worry! I have a method to save you!

Try taking a look at comments on other blogs in your niche. You have a whole wide web of tons of blogs at your fingertips in seconds- take advantage of that! Do keyword research on other blogs in your niche and ask yourself these questions;

  • What is this blogger writing about?
  • What posts are popular/ have a lot of comments?
  • Check out the comments, what are people saying? Can you answer their questions/address their needs in a post on your blog?

Now, let me add a little disclaimer here. I am by no means telling you to go to someone’s blog and hijack their posts or their readers.

Don’t copy other bloggers!

The blogging community is pretty much a positive and supportive place, and there are enough people in the world to have someone reading all of the blogs, so don’t fret.

Do not ever go to someone’s blog and just copy and paste their work, that is plagiarism. Even if you just go to someone’s blog, take their idea, and don’t copy it word for word, that’s still very wrong.

You can use their blog to generate your own ideas and inspiration- but make sure that it is your own words and your post. You wouldn’t want to work really hard on a post just to have someone else take it, would you? So don’t do that to someone else!

On top of that, don’t go to someone’s blog and start commenting to their readers how you have/ will have posts on your site to answer their problems- that’s just rude and uncalled for!

Basically, browse for ideas but don’t ever steal! We are looking for unique blog post ideas- not ones that have already been done!

  • Brainstorm 10-15 ideas (5 extra in this section if you don’t have 5 comments on your blog just yet)

5. Buzzsumo

I’ve used this tool quite often, but I don’t use it as much as I should, to be honest. I haven’t really gotten to a point where I’ve run out of ideas yet, but this is still a great tool to use if you’re in a pinch.

The way you use this tool is simple. Just type in a word or phrase that you’d like to use for a blog post (a phrase or blog post title would probably work best).

After that, a list of the best/ most popular blog posts will show up! You can only see about 10 posts in the list with the free version, but really you don’t need more than that!

Check out keywords you can use, and get unique ideas for blog post titles and topics! Win-win! You can also click on them and read the posts, but as I said- don’t copy them!

  • Brainstorm 5-10 ideas

Blog post ideas count: 80-90

6. Use Google

Google is an awesome (and free!) tool overflowing with blog posts on every subject you can think of. Anything under the sun has been written about at one time or another. Make sure you take advantage of it!

And don’t worry, of course, I’ll tell you how!

Use keywords and FAQ’s

Even if you don’t know what to write about, you can do a general search on your topic and Google will give you suggestions on what to ask!

Once you’ve narrowed down some topics, you can also use the FAQs on Google to see what other people are searching for based on your topic. You can either figure out questions to answer in your blog post or come up with other unique blog posts ideas from it!

  • Brainstorm 10 ideas

While you’re searching through Google, you might as well jot down some popular ideas from other bloggers! There are thousands of blogs with even more posts- I’m sure you’ll find articles that interest you to write about!

  • Brainstorm 5-10 ideas

Blog post ideas count- 100+ blog post ideas!

And there you have it! Now you not only have 100+ blog post ideas, but these methods can be used over again to create way more blog posts! And everyone needs unlimited blog post ideas, right?

What is your favorite method for coming up with blog post ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

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