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A compiled list of all the blogging services I offer! Along with any blogging products I’ve created, or other resources to help you along your journey!


All-in-One Social Media Content Calendar

This social media content calendar includes a tab for:

  • Weekly goals, to-do list, and marking important dates
  • A branding tab
  • A place to organize your post ideas
  • Keep all your promotional links in one place
  • A tab for each social media, plus a generic tab to copy and customize for yourself!

Blog Post Content Marketing Calendar

This blog monthly content calendar is designed to:

  • Help you plan out and organize your ideas
  • Keep track of any idea that inspires you
  • Schedule out content for each quarter of the year
  • Use the “Holiday” section to make sure you plan content for upcoming special dates!
  • Included is a page from my Social Media Content Calendar to help you easily plan out social media posts
  • And more!

Want something more simple? I have another Blog Post Content Calendar version here!

36 Pretty Pinterest Pin Templates

These pins were designed to;

  • Help you create a consistent brand with Pinterest (That you’re actually happy with!)
  • Take the hassle out of Pinterest Marketing
  • Help you cut down the time spent making pins
  • Increase your Pinterest pin clicks, monthly views, and sales to your business!
  • Easily drag and drop your own photos, change font sizes and colors to fit your brand

Pinterest Keyword Tracker

This keyword doc was designed to:

  • Help you create SEO-keyword-rich descriptions
  • Help you keyword research your entire Pinterest account
  • Keep track of everything in one place, making it easier to refer back to when pinning
  • Help you grow your Pinterest account, rank pins in search, and get more blog views!

YouTube Monetization Tracker

This tracker was designed to:

  • Help new YouTubers keep track of their watch hours and subscribers
  • Give you the confidence to reach your monetization goals
  • Be something fun to help you along on the journey to monetization!


Hosting- Siteground

This is the hosting company I use and I highly recommend them! Their services are great, and their customer service is fast and reliable too!

I did a few blog posts reviewing Siteground if you want to learn more about them!

Email Service- Convertkit

Your email list will become the lifeblood of your business, so it’s important to start one right away!

I’ve tried many email services at this point and Converkit is by far my favorite!

It was made by a blogger, for bloggers so it is super user-friendly for beginners!

And the best part?

They launched a free version! So, no commitment is needed! Try Convertkit for FREE using my link!

Blog Theme

One of the blogging resources you can’t live without is a blog theme! I love shopping for blog themes!

There are a lot of amazing ones out there. Personally, I buy them from Creative Market.

And, the best part about Creative Market is there are tons of other things you can buy on there as well, like fonts and photos!

Canva Pro

Canva is of my favorite blogging tools! I use Canva pretty much every day and create all my social media graphics with it!

One of my favorite reasons why I love Canva Pro is because it eliminates my need to buy a stock photo subscription! Check out Canva Pro here!

Or, if you’d like to learn more about Canva, check out some of my YouTube tutorials here!


-Pinterest With Ell

If you were to walk away with any single item on this list, I’d choose this one. This is one of my favorite blogging resources on this list This course has taken my Pinterest game to the next level! Not only is Lauren (the creator of the course) an all-around amazing person, her strategies work! You can check out all of the results of her course, plus the pricing here!

-Mastering Sales with Ell

Mastering Sales with Ell is such a good course and my second favorite thing on this blogging resources list! I really struggled to make any money with affiliate marketing, and after taking this course, I have been making a consistent income that’s growing each month!

If you want to check out proof of my income, I wrote an honest November 2020 income report that talks all about the income I’ve been making!


-YouTube Secrets

This book is awesome for helping anyone who wants to start a YouTube channel and learn to grow quickly! I bought this book to help me grow my own YouTube channel (For an older blog) and I wish I would have bought it sooner!

You can get the audio YouTube Secrets book for free with a free Audible trial or you can order the physical copy here!

-You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

I just got this book recently and I’ve been loving it so far! It’s a book by Jen Sincero and it’s all about personal development, which is so important in business!

You may not think personal development is important when it comes to running a business, but when you think about it, it has a lot to do with it! You are the boss and you run the business, so if everything isn’t right with who you are and your mindset, running a business is going to be very hard!

You can also get the free audiobook of You are a Badass with a Free Audible trial, or you can order a physical copy here!