All Blogging Resources

A compiled list of all the most important links I have. Any business products I love, have created myself or any other resources to help you along your business journey!

Siteground (Hosting)

This is the hosting company I use and I highly recommend them! Their services are great, and their customer service is fast and reliable too!

It’s important to invest in your blog and start out self-hosted over a free blog. This is a business, so take it seriously and invest!

Convertkit (Email service)

Having an email list is important because you need a way to contact your audience outside of social media- which is a platform you don’t own. I’ve been using this service for years!

(P.S. If you’re unsure about it, they also launched a free version to test out!)

Legal Pages bundle

A mistake I made when I first started was not legally setting up my blog! You need to have a few legal pages on your blog to be safe.

But, instead of hiring a lawyer to do them for you (Which would be hella expensive) Check out this legal template bundle instead!

It’s super easy to use, just plug and play and you’re good to go legally!

PixiStock (Photo Stock site)

As a blogger, you’re going to need a lot of images. For your blog posts, social media and especially Pinterest.

Using free stock photos is great, but everyone uses them! Buying a stock photo subscription is the better thing to do because you’ll have more unique photos and your pins will do better thanks to the fresh images!

You also get access to:

  • Thousands of styled stock photos in the member library
  • Hundreds of ready-made quote graphics for your social feeds
  • 3000+ professionally-designed Canva templates
  • 365+ Day Social Media Content Calendar
  • And more!

Share-a-Sale (Affiliate Marketing)

Ready to make some money while blogging? Share-a-Sale is a great place to start! It is an affiliate network that has a TON of companies you can sign up for inside of it!

 It help you keep things organized and all in one place!

Pinteresting Strategies Course

I’ve learned a lot about Pinterest over the years and it’s honestly a super confusing platform!

A lot of the new stuff I’ve learned has come from this course right here. If you’re new to Pinterest, or if you’ve been doing it a while- this is the best course out there!

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course

Starting a blog is the easy part, in my opinion But what gets harder is learning how to make money! And one of the ways you can get started is with affiliate marketing! This is an amazing course to help you out with it!

Coaching Template

Plan to start coaching anytime soon? You need a contract for people to sign!

I used this when I did blog coaching and it was another great plug and play template to help make sure all of your bases are covered legally!

Keysearch (Keyword Research Tool)

SEO and keyword research are important if you want to rank on Google and get organic traffic! And the tool I always use for my blog posts is Keysearch.

Shop My Products!

I’ve got a lot of helpful tools as well for bloggers, which you can check out in my shop below!

YouTube Products & Gear

VidIQ (Keyword Research Tool)

This is BY FAR my favorite tool for YouTube keyword research. I LOVE using this tool to help me rank videos and keyword research topics every week. It’s a must, honestly.

My Camera

If you’re looking to upgrade your camera, I’ve had this one for years and its my favorite. This was an investment, but it’s beginner-friendly, easy to use and will seriously upgrade the quality of your video!

Rode Video Microphone

One of the most important things to upgrade is your audio. People will be more likely to watch a low-quality visual over a video with bad sound! So sound is most important and this mic is great for getting a good sound.

Set of studio lights

If you are looking to upgrade from a ring light or natural light, this light set has been amazing for getting a good quality visual in my videos!

I personally got the set of lights, but you can just get one if you want!