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Bloggers always talk about social media strategies and how to promote your blog posts through social media platforms. But did you know you can also come up with blog post ideas through social media as well?

So many of my blog posts have come from ideas I’ve gotten from social media! So today I’ll be giving away my methods so you can use them as well! These methods are super simple and reusable, so you’ll never run out of blogging content!


We all know Pinterest is a goldmine for bloggers to promote their content! So many bloggers get a majority of their traffic from Pinterest, including me!

Pinterest is such a highly talked about platform- and for a good reason! I’m going to add one more reason you should be using Pinterest for your business- to come up with blogging content!

First and foremost, you need to know this. Pinterest is not just a social media platform. Treat Pinterest as you would Google- just like a search engine.


When you’re looking for anything on Pinterest, the first thing to do is search for a keyword that you want to use in your post, or your blogging niche if you’re looking for general ideas.

For example, I typed in the basic search term “Blogging”. This is what pops up;

At the top, you can see the different colored bubbles that have tons of other suggestions you can use to narrow your search down. And, since we know Pinterest works like Google, you’re going to see the most popular terms related to whatever you type in.

You can see “Blogging for money” is one of the popular search terms, which means if you were to write a post on one of these topics, you’d likely get views!

Of course, there is a lot more that goes into writing a blog post and getting views than just writing about a popular topic, but this is a start!

So once you’ve typed in your keywords, a bunch of related pins pops up as a result. The most popular pins will be first. These are all perfect opportunities to find things to write about!

  • Browse around other boards in your niche
  • Check out popular pins from keywords
  • See what other bloggers/your audience in your niche are pinning

Pinterest is filled with hundreds of ideas. You can create your own blog posts of popular pins (Without copying the original post of course!)

It’s important that while you’re looking around for ideas that you don’t copy the original blogger’s ideas. Use their post for inspiration, but don’t ever copy!

Imagine you spend hours creating a blog post. Writing it, creating pins for it, promoting it like crazy… and then you find that someone has taken all of your hard work, copied it and put it on their own blog! Not cool!

My suggestion to avoid unintentionally copying someone’s idea is to check out the title, jot it down and move on! Don’t even click on the post to see what they wrote, you might find yourself accidentally covering the same topics they do!


Facebook groups are a goldmine of information! Here’s what you’ll need to do to make the most out of them:


There are a ton of Facebook groups out there. So go ahead and check out some groups, and make sure to read the rules so you know what you’re getting into before signing up!


Now that you’ve picked the groups you’d like to join, it’s time for the fun part! Engaging!


People go to Facebook groups to ask questions. Look around and take notes of questions you see popping up quite a lot. Can you turn those into blog posts somehow?


Don’t see enough questions in your group? Have a blog post idea that you’re not sure is needed? Ask a question yourself to see what people think! For example, “What’s your biggest struggle with x?”


Twitter is another one of my favorite platforms to engage on! And with such a great blogging community over on Twitter, you’re sure to get some great blog post ideas! Here are the best ways I use:


Of course, engaging with your followers is always a great idea but your followers are (hopefully) you’re ideal audience- ask them questions on things they are struggling with in your niche! There are a few ways you can engage followers to get answers


This might only work if you have a larger following, but it can’t hurt to try!


This is a great and easy way to get followers to interact! Set up a poll with a few choices, and see the responses! You can even make one option “Other” so they can write their own responses if you want.

Ask followers what they struggle with, what topic they’d like to see next on your blog or any other questions you can think of! Twitter polls are so easy to interact on with the push of a button so engagement can get really high!

Another way to get ideas is to check out what other popular bloggers in your niche are writing about and posting on their Twitter! Same as Pinterest though, check out the titles of their posts but don’t steal their original ideas- make them your own!

It easy to find where your crowd is hanging out on Twitter with the use of hashtags. Search for a popular hashtag in your niche and see what people are talking about!

What questions are people asking? Screenshot or jot down possible ideas or popular questions!


Instagram may be a bit harder to find blog posts, but you can still manage it using pretty much the same methods as before!

Just like before, check out what other people are posting about by heading over to your favorite bloggers Instagram profiles or using popular hashtags for post ideas!


Just like Twitter polls, you can use Instagram stories to ask questions on post ideas or create polls and followers can answer directly into your messages! Test your ideas out before you even write them!

As you can see, ideas are plentiful on social media! Just another great use for all your favorite platforms!

How do you come up with blog post ideas? Have you ever used social media to come up with ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

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