Blog Kickstarter Coaching Package


You did it! You finally took the leap and started your WordPress blog. I am literally so proud of you!!

But… now that you’ve started a blog, you may be thinking what the heck do I do next?!

How do I even use WordPress? How do I set up my pages, or install a plugin? And what the *heck* is SEO?!

I get it, I’ve been there. Turns out, starting a blog is the easy part. Getting it up and running is where it gets difficult.

That’s where I come in!

I help badass women get over the fear of starting their blogs, removing any mindset blocks that are in the way, and cutting through the noise of online marketing strategies to help you find what works best for YOU!

With this service, you’ll be getting a 45-minute one-on-one coaching session with me over Zoom!

We’ll talk about what it is you need to do to start your blog and get you on the right track. And we’ll blast through any mindsets that need to be shifted.

There are a lot of strategies out there and things you can do to grow quicker, and we’ll make sure to go through all of that.

But the main focus is going to be on the most important part of any blog Y-O-U!

Price: $120

Here's the thing...

As I’m sure you might have noticed by now, starting a blog is the easy part. It was definitely a scary hurdle to get over, but once you get started… you’ll notice you’ve just begun.

Now you need to understand how to write blog posts people want to read, SEO strategies, setting up a theme, designing pages, writing an ‘About Me’ page, and even simply figuring out who the heck you’re trying to reach with your blog!

Blogging is a lot of hard work, especially if you’re trying to make some money with it. But that work is also super rewarding.

When you get a comment from a reader telling you how helpful your post was, and how much they needed to hear what you had to say, all the hard work will be worth it because you know you’ve made an impact and difference in someone’s life.

At that, to me, is priceless.

Even though you’ve started your blog, you may still be nervous to put yourself out there. I get it.

But I can promise you that somewhere out there is a mom, waiting to hear how you got your baby to sleep through the night. Or a college girl, wondering how she can organize her dorm in a better fashion- just like you have.

Whatever it is that you have a passion to write about, there is an audience waiting with baited breath the hear what you- yes, you! -have to say.

Anybody can write a blog post, put out a few social media posts, and hope for the best. But there is more to it than that.

You need to have a deep-rooted why and a belief in yourself that is unshakable. You need a belief strong enough to withstand the hard days when the views aren’t coming in, and the profit isn’t there at the end of yet another month.

But when you can push through those hard seasons of business (because they are just a season- not the whole show!) when you can find your voice and the strategies that work best for you, that is when you’ll come out the other side as a successful blogger!

And I can help you work through all the blocks, hardships, limiting beliefs, and the million confusing strategies you’ve been learning about to help you reach clarity on your blog faster.

Blogging should be fun. It’s work, but at the core of it, blogging should be fun!

I’ll help you get to that point by working with you to create a blog you feel proud to share. And we’ll work through any mindset shifts that need to be made.

Whether you think your niche is too crowded (It’s not!), you don’t have the experiences you need (You do!), if you worry everything needs to be perfect (it doesn’t!), or any other limiting beliefs you may have.

I just know in my heart that you have a message you want to get out into the world- and I’ll help you make sure that dream comes true!

We'd work best together if...

  • You’re a self-hosted WordPress blogger
  • Looking to go full-time and make some money with your blog
  • In the lifestyle niche (Self-care, personal development, fashion, ect…)
  • You’re a brand new blogger who’s lost on how to set up their blog

These are not hard requirements to work with me, but they are my area of expertise so I’d be best fitted to help you this way! WordPress is the only blogging software I’ve used extensively, so it’s the one I know the best!

And if you’re a self-hosted blogger looking to turn your blog into a business- I know you’re serious about investing the time into growing! The only requirement for this package is that you’re a new blogger who’s lost on how to set up your blog.

If you’re a more seasoned blogger, you’d fit better in my Shine With Sarah coaching package designed for a blog audit to help you grow your existing blog!

Otherwise, if one or all of these requirements doesn’t fit you- that doesn’t mean we won’t vibe and kick some ass together! So don’t worry!

You are the right fit if...

You’ve just started to set up your blog, yet you’re a bit lost on the next steps to take.

You’re excited that you’re finally taking the leap to starting your blog, but you’re also feeling overwhelmed by all the work that still has to be done.

You’ve spent countless hours scrolling through Etsy and Creative Market looking for the perfect theme to fit your blog, or you’ve just spent hours upon hours installing a theme you bought- all for it to still not look quite right.

Maybe you’ve already started to compare yourself to other bloggers. Wondering why your blog doesn’t look like theirs, and trying to figure out what topics are best to start writing on.

As a new blogger, you likely have so many ideas! But you’re not quite sure how to execute them properly.

You need technical guidance on how exactly to set up a blog, and maybe even a bit of a mindset shift to make sure you’re 100% confident in your message and what you’re writing about.

If any of this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place.

If you don’t even know why you are doing this in the first place, you’re unsure what your purpose is, or what your overall why for starting a blog actually is, you’re in the right place!

And most importantly, if all of this is making your head spin and you’re feeling overwhelmed because you haven’t even thought about any of this- you’re most definitely in the right place!!

Or maybe you know exactly where it is you want to go, but you have no idea how to get there- or if you ever will.

Your mindset is all out of wack and you’re worried you’re going to fail before you ever really start. So you obsess over the little details- trying to learn everything you can before you dive headfirst into the deep end.

You listen to all the strategies out there, sign up for every free (and paid) course you can get your hands on, watch every YouTube video or read every blog post to make sure you’re up-to-date on the latest blogging tips.

But yet you never actually apply any of them.

This is likely because you don’t trust yourself to be able to do this on your own. You fear listening to your own intuition, drawing your own conclusions, and trusting that you’ll figure it out on your own.

Through our personalized one-on-one session we’ll work on all of this to make sure we align your beliefs with where you want to go, get your blog up and running with style, work on your entire purpose for doing this in the first place, and make sure that you come out the other side a confident badass woman who knows what she’s capable of and where she is going!!

You’ll feel clear, confident, and ready to go kick some serious blogger ass!!

Interested in working with me?

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I'll be happy to answer any questions, or chat with you about signing up for any of the packages I have to offer!

I'm excited to work and grow with you!

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Price: $120


How this works & What to expect

This Blog Kickstarter package is NOT going to be a simple 45-minute session and then I send you on your way, with more questions than you started with. This isn’t a simple Q-and-A where I give you some basic advice blogging tips.

We’ll be going DEEP in the session to help you transform not only your blog but your mindset as well. You and your blog are going to walk out of this session as a new, confident person who knows EXACTLY where it is she needs to go.

I require all of my coaching clients to apply before buying. It’s a simple questionnaire to make sure that I’ll know we’re the right fit and I can make sure I’m the best person to give you the advice and help you need to build a strong business foundation.

Once I receive your questions and determine whether we’d be a good fit, I’ll email you the link to the purchase page. There, you can set up our first meeting on whatever day/time works for you, and there will be a few more in-depth questions to answer.

This will help me really understand and hone in on exactly what it is you need before our first meeting so I can come in prepared and we can get right down to business!

I’ll be looking over your blog beforehand so I can get an idea of where you’re at. Then, during our 45-minute Zoom call, we can go over the general feedback I have for your blog, work on your mindset, your goals, or anything else you need help with.

This is your time to get personalized one-on-one coaching and get any questions you may have about blogging answered! This session is mostly tailored to whatever it is you need help with when it comes to starting your blog.

After our session, I’ll make sure to send you notes from our meeting so you know what it is we talked about. We’ll make sure to get an action plan in place so you aren’t leaving with a bunch of information, too overwhelmed with where to start!

This package, however, is NOT a blog audit. This is all about answering your questions to get your blog up and running smoothly!

If you would like a blog audit, that is an additional service I offer and we can talk about if you’ll be the right fit for that during out session!

I made sure to make this package deep, with personalized advice involved so you won’t be getting basic-level blogging advice that you hear all over the internet- and it’s going to be tailored specifically to you and your struggles!!

So in short...

Here’s an overview of exactly what you’ll be getting with this Blog Kickstarter coaching package;

  • Answering application questions so I can make sure we’re a good fit
  • Once I determine we are a good fit, I’ll email you the purchase page link to set up our first call and answer more in-depth questions
  • We have our 45-minute Zoom call where we blast through your limiting beliefs, answer your questions & more
  • I’ll email you any notes I have on the session, and answer any additional questions you may have!

I understand where you're at...

Starting an online business and a blog is hard.

I’ve been working on my own blogs since 2017! It’s not an easy thing to get right!!

I struggled for years (and sometimes still do!) to get things to look right, work right, and get past the mindset blocks needed in order to run a successful business.

This is no easy task. You’re literally building a business– an entire income stream- from the ground up. With your own mind, your own resources, and your own two hands.

I get it if you’re feeling alone, and overwhelmed. You may be like I was- watching alllll the videos, buying alllll the courses, reading alllll the income reports. Watching everybody else grow their blogs and yet when it comes time to work on yours- you don’t know where to start.

I always wished I had someone to come along on the journey with me. To hold my hand and point out the things I couldn’t see. My own personal coach that I could ask all my very specific questions to.

In the beginning of growing my blog, I didn’t know something like this existed! So now, I want to be that person for you!

Growing a blog doesn’t have to feel super hard, and you don’t have to feel alone. I’ll be your personal Alexa throughout this package and you can ask me any questions you have about your blogging journey.

I’ve set up 4 self-hosted blogs over the years for myself, so I know the process well. And I’ve worked with WordPress for years.

I know the best plugins to install, and the tools you need to grow. I’ve taken classes and researched a lot over the years to grow my knowledge. But many of the things I’ve learned comes through time and simply my own hands-on experiences over the years!

And just know, that I’m going through this process of finding out who I am as a blogger right along with you.

I’ve recently been spreading my own blogging wings- finding my true authentic voice, realizing exactly where my passions lie and who I’m trying to help. But one thing I’ve always known is why I am doing this in the first place.

To help women like you realize their potential and give them the confidence to chase their dreams!!

So I know what it’s like to be in your shoes, and if you’re resonating with all of this- we’d be the perfect match to work together!! Because the person I have in mind for this coaching package is the blogger I was 5 years ago. When I was just starting out and diving into the online world of writing.

And because I resonate so closely with your struggles, mindset blocks and dreams. I know I’m the perfect person to help you work through all of that and get you to the other side!

So if that sounds amazing, and you’re ready to kickstart your blog- let’s work together!!

Questions about the package?

If you have any questions about the package, feel free to email me at with the subject line Blog Kickstarter. I’d love to answer any questions you have!

***Please make sure you have read ALL of the above and are serious about investing before contacting me. Thank you!!***