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We’re all trying to improve our lives in one way or another.

Maybe you have a goal to eat healthier or work out more. Lose a certain amount of weight, or make a certain salary.

Those are all good goals, but they’re all long-term.

You don’t need to only set long-term goals to improve yourself! There are little things, and daily habits to improve your life that you can start right now!

So in this post, I’m talking about all of the habits you can pick up quickly and incorporate into your everyday living!

These are things that you can start today, (right now!) and begin to improve your life.

Healthy daily habits to improve your life

To start, let’s talk about habits that are going to be about your overall health.

Eating healthier, getting more sleep, and everything else to make your body feel better!

40+ Healthy Daily Habits to Improve your Life Drastically!
  1. Get the rest you need (whether that is waking up early, or sleeping in! Don’t feel bad for getting the rest you deserve!)
  2. Make a healthy breakfast
  3. Go on a walk
  4. Drink more water! (I love drinking out of my custom Etsy mug!)
  5. Do some relaxing yoga when you get up
    • Need some gear? I recommend starting out simple with a Yoga mat and some yoga blocks. That will be enough to get you started!
  6. Eat fresh food (More vegtables, less junk food!)
  7. Reduce the amount of pop and sugary drinks you have
  8. Take any vitamins you need
  9. Plan your meals to include more healthy options (I personally loved Hello Fresh food delivery service, if you don’t have time to meal plan!!)
  10. Have healthy foods ready to eat on hand (stored in the freezer if needed!)

Self-care- Daily habits to improve your life

  1. Read a self-help book
  2. Drink your favorite teas
  3. Say daily affirmations
  4. Brush your teeth
  5. Take a shower or bath with some cute bath bombs
  6. Spend less time on your phone or other electronics
  7. Do a social media detox
  8. Take time to be creative
  9. Work on a project you love
  10. Do a puzzle or something else you find relaxing
  11. Manifest or fill out your bullet journal
  12. Meditate
  13. Listen to your favorite music
  14. Practice gratitude

Daily habits to improve your happiness

  1. Spend quality time with friends or loved ones
  2. Take yourself on a date
  3. Plan your meals for the day
  4. Clean one room in your house (More, if you can manage!)
  5. Stretch
  6. Go for a walk
  7. Declutter your closet or any space in your home
  8. Open the blinds to let the sun in
  9. Reflect on all you’ve accomplished
  10. Read your favorite book

Daily habits to feel productive

  1. Make the bed when you wake up
  2. Organize your house
  3. Track your finances/set up a budget
  4. Do the dishes
  5. Plan your day for tomorrow
  6. Pick out your work outfit for tomorrow
  7. Create goals
  8. Plan your meals for the week
  9. Join a new workout class, or hit the gym!
  10. Turn off your phone, or limit social media time
  11. Create a vision board

There are a lot of things to go through here and I know it can be easy to get overwhelmed just looking at this list!

But don’t worry, you do not need to start implementing all of these things in your daily life today!

In fact, that would be pretty impossible to do!

A lot of these things may not apply to you or even be possible to accomplish, and that’s okay!

Take just a few things from this list and start working on them little by little!

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your life-changing daily habits will be no different!

It can take 2-3 months of doing the same thing over and over for it to be considered a habit.

So take things slow, and enjoy every moment you have!

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  1. So many fantastic daily habits to improve your life. The best part is, that many of these are so quick and simple that they really take no time at all – like drinking more water. The one thing I really need to work on is reducing my pop consumption. I have quit drinking it in the past but picked up the habit again when the pandemic started. I am working on weaning myself off it, so hopefully, soon I can function each day without it.

    1. I used to drink a lot of pop as well but I have recently stopped and have been drinking more water! I’m happy to have gotten myself out of the habit!

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