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Hi, I'm Sarah!

This blog is all about women who are looking to improve their lives by 1% at a time. Women who are ready to step into their power and know they were meant for more!

If this is you, you’re in the right place!

On the blog, you’re going to find topics like lifestyle, organization, tips for your 20’s and how to start a blog.

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Ready to grow your blog but not sure you’re doing it right? Or maybe you need some social media help? Check out the services I have below!

Have any questions? Shoot me an email at Sarah@sarahmarie.blog !

Blog Audit

This service is perfect for anyone who has just started a blog and wants a bit of guidance to make sure they’re going in the right direction or someone who has been blogging for a bit and doesn’t understand why they aren’t growing!

Pinterest Management

If you don't have time to run your own Pinterest account, or struggle to grow it on your own, check out my management services! I will create fresh pins weekly, and update your account for success!

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Need Help? Let me be your new blogging besite!

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I’ve got some helpful products in my shop, that you might like! I offer digital downloads to help you organize your life and feel more in control!

Here’s just a few things I offer, but check out the shop for the whole collection!

60 Feminine Pinterest Templates

Raise your engagement with these 60 Pin templates! Perfect for any content creator who is trying to utilize Pinterest to drive traffic to their blog, website, Etsy shop, YouTube channel, and more!

The Ultimate Guide to Monetizing your Small Audience

Ready to start monetizing your audience? It doesn't matter if it's just a "small" audience either! This ebook will teach you the 4 main ways that I make money every single month.

All-in-One Social Media Content Calendar

An All-in-One Social Media Content Calendar that allows you to easily plan and organize your social media posts! Perfect for planning out Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!

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A little about me...

Hi, I'm Sarah Marie!

I’m a full-time content creator who loves to help women figure out what it is they want to do with their life. My mission has always been to help you take back the life you love.

By figuring out what it is you like to do, and helping you make more time for it! I want to help you live with more purpose, get more organized, feel more centered and live a happier life.

I also share tips on how to leave the 9-5 workplace and create a live you love by starting a blog!

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